Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Veebee turns 1

So, this Saturday, Veebee turned 1. He is taking a few tentative steps, but crawling is still the preferred mode of mobility. He is so different from Chip. Chip is passionate, spontaneous and sensitive. Veebee observes, gauges. Even at 12 months, he reactions are well thought. He is also not be easily cowed. Will fight back and assert himself, however tinily. And he has the most magnificent scowl!

Abandoning my baking tradition, I did not bake a cake for Veebee. I hope he does not hold that against me. But BigGeek more than made up for the lack of home-made cake by blowing a ton of balloons. Menu was burritos because Chip and I called Veebee a burrito when he was just-born and wrapped up like one. Veebee was mostly scowling at the party, but clapped his hands and was puzzled when everyone started singing the Happy Birthday song. But all in all it was a good day for him. Wish you oodles of love, Veebee. I should post pics soon. The second-baby syndrome is in full swing here!