Monday, November 3, 2008

Baayko (Wife)

Chip: Am I married?

Aie: No pilloo, you aren’t married.

Chip: Are you married?

Aie: Yes, pilloo, I am.

Chip: I want baayko (wife)

Aie: Not so soon

Chip: I need to get a moustache and a beard first?

Aie: Yes. And you need to go to school, then go to a college, then go to an office, then you get married.

Chip: But I don’t want to go to an office. I will go to school, then to college, then to NASA, then to moon.

Aie: OK. You can get a wife after you go to NASA.

Chip: But I want a wife now.

*Who will marry him? He is a snotty, tantrum throwing, overactive sorta fella. But it would be a stupid girl, who would say no to this charming prince. He does have a twinkle in his eye and says the darndest things. And he gives endless hugs.*

Chip: Aie, I want a wife now and a diamond.

Aie: Do you want a wife or a diamond?

Chip: Ummm.. diamond.

Aie: No wife? Just diamond?

Chip: No. I want both. Diamond AND wife.

Aie: Diamond first or wife first?

Chip: Diamond first.

*So, yes, looks like this guy’s pick up line is going to be this- ‘Give me a diamond, else I’ll make you my wife’. Any takers? And oh, I forgot, he already has a mangalsutra. A string of green mardi gras beads. That he wears around. It’s the age of equality, people. My son proudly wears his ‘green mangalsutra’.*


Altoid said...

ROFL! More importantly, WHAT have you been telling him about marriage eh? that he's all gung-ho about getting himself a wife right away. Sheesh! Let him be...:)

rayshma said...

dottieee!!! stop pressurising me! vin's not even here..!!!!
and pliss to tell chip he's been spoken for. and his baayko has been decided. i'll get him the diamond, don't worry ;)

he's SO adorable! a gurl would have to be brain-dead to turn him down! :D

Preethi said...

I like his order of preferences.. perfect.. first diamond then woman!! And the mangalsutra is so cute!!! :)

Sue said...

:) So get him a wife. Some mother you're being. A son ready to marry and you don't even send out horoscopes...

K 3 said...

Ah, so he is on the look out for Mary Jane hee hee!! Go aie, get him one! And answer's Altoid's ques too! :D

** running away before I get busted **

Gauri said...

LOL !!

Cute - very cute :). And yes, he does have his priorities right, does he not ? :D Diamond first - nantar baikoo :D.

Kodi's Mom said...

LOL! he's charming, funny, adorable - who wouldn't want to marry him!

wonder whats the latest craze with marriage. mine declared he is going to get married to his grandma!
and I call mine pilloo too :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! After effects of mama's lagna?


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hahahaha! What a cutie! If only I had a princess for your prince...

Timepass said... lavkar?? sunbai mubarak dotmom..

DotThoughts said...

Altoid: this is the after effects of watching his mama get married :)

raysh: so hurry up :)

preethi: worried about that.

Sue: yeah, right. Another snotty faced tantrum throwing toddler? no thankyou :)

K3- ROTFL @ Mary Jane! good one.

Gauri: i am worried about that.. he is the one supposed to give a diamond :)

kodi's mom: lol.. these kids are priceless. Let me ask him who he wants to marry now :)

veena: yup!!!!

mama mia: are you sure you said that?

timepass: noonononono.. not so soon :)

noon said...

Chip is tooo cute! The Sipdey pics are adorable. He has such a sweet smile. Yeah only a foolish girl will say no to him! Well, I will make sure to raise a not so foolish girl! ;).
And you must have such a good marriage that your son wants it now! :)

choxbox said...

ROTFL! Oh God, my stomach's hurting.. this guy is too good!

Mama - Mia said...


and considering he is all for equality and ready to wear mangalsutra, why cant his wife get him the diamond??

that guys is always right somehow!! :D



PG said...

Ha Ha Ha! LOL! He is such a cutie. Don't worry, girls would be queueing for marriage ;-)
A very smart boy. Amazing that he already has such clear plans for future.

Usha said...

My god, this boy is just too adorable. Ask him if he will make me his wife. I will gie him a diamond!

dipali said...

He's just too cute, Dottie! I'm catching up with your posts after ages.