Friday, October 31, 2008

The Diwali that was

Homemade Chakli - check.
Doesn’t matter it turned out to be rock hard

Homemade Kalaakand –Check
Doesn’t matter it wasn’t was sweet as it should have been

Homemade Chivda – Check
Doesn’t matter it turned a bit too sour

Lights strung – Check
In the freezing wind and at the very last minute, along with a lighted Halloween pumpkin thingie.

Oil and Aukshan for Chip and BigGeek on NarakChaturdashi day – Check
Doesn’t matter of all days, we woke up AFTER sunrise on this day.

Laxmi Pujan – Check
Doesn’t matter that BigGeek and I always forget the second stanza of every aarti we sing.

Sparklers – Check
Doesn’t matter it was windy and freezing cold. And that we were wearing nylon parkas for it to be comfortable for me. But, it was fun.

BigGeek’s Aukshan on Padwaa – Check
Doesn’t matter he suddenly remembered at the very last minute he had indeed bought me gift - an ipod and a fancy car integration kit a few weeks before, stating it was an advance Diwali gift, so did not get a second gift despite the guilt I tried to induce ;-)

Chip’s Diwali gift-Check
Doesn’t matter he raised hell and tried every trick in the book to open it before Diwali. He choose to get a big milk truck. Yes, a milk truck. That lights up in a folksy song and moos.

Phone calls to family in India – Check
Doesn’t matter Chip refused to wish and on prodding, told everybody it was not Diwali, but it was Halloween, really.

Pictures taken – Ummm, no.
Thank god a few friends took some at a Diwali party.

Had a good time – Check.
Doesn’t matter things were very laid back this year. Doesn’t matter it is exhausting to rush back from work, make a nice dinner and do poojas. Diwali on weekdays is uber-exhausting.

And such was our Diwali. Hope you had lots of fun too. Leaving you with Chip’s picture taken last weekend at a Diwali party. Chip is trying to fake-smile.


rayshma said...

aww... maajha future jaawai kevdha cute distoy!!!! :D
lemme find a far-eastern here and get down to work on that daughter of mine! :P

happy diwali, dottie. am missing home big time :(

the mad momma said...

hey! is this the first time you've posted a pic of chip? cant remember having seen any before.

lovely post and pic

Rohini said...

Was just going to say the same thing - fist pic of Chip on the blog na?

Fun, unique way to do the Diwali post :-)

DotThoughts said...

rayshma: hurry up, ga. i know how much you must be missing home. couple more months, na.

mm and ro: no.. I did in summer when we took a trip to CA. I do every now and then. I am just too lazy to click pics and download em and put them in a post. I just download them from kind friends' picassa albums and post ;-)

Preethi said...

I dont seem to remember a pic of Chip either.. he looks adorable :) Happy Diwali.. fun post!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

he is getting more and more adorable!
That's usually how our Diwalis always are...unless we have either set of parents around...
We decided to celebrate on Sunday ;) and managed to make that quick cake/halwa thingie...

PG said...

that's such a cute post! I think Chip has got a very cute and innocent smile! Touchwood! belated Happy Diwali to you!

rayshma said...

oye.. be specific...
hurry up abt the far eastern or abt getting back? :D
yeah, will be back on dec 21 :D ikde snow padtoy!!!!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

What a handsome little boy! Kala tikaa!

And I can so understand the exhaustion.

I remember when we were in the states, Durga Puja would be celebrated over a weekend and never on the actual days. just an excuse for the bong community to party unashamedly for two days! ;)

WhatsInAName said...

Such a sweet sweet post :)
Inspite of anything, hope you had a blast during Diwali. Thats a lovely pic of chip!

Subhashree said...

Chip looks adorable.

Munchkin said...

Aaww...little boys look just adorable in Kurtas!

Mystic Margarita said...

Great post, Dottie. Goes to prove that things don't have to be picture perfect in order to have fun! And Chip looks so handsome! :)

Mama - Mia said...


sounds like a perfect diwali alright!

and chip looking super cool even with alleged fake smile!!