Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where was I?

Long time no see. Now en Espanol. Hace tiempo, no ver. One of these days I am going to write a post en Espanol. As soon as I go beyond speaking only in the present. So, I have been drowned in work, invaded by Spanish preterits, overrun by some bathroom remodeling, utterly subjugated by spring cleaning and have been running helter skelter trying to get those pesky seeds started for my vegetable garden. Now, where were you? BigGeek has earned mucho brownie points by making a DIY growing light for me. To grow tiny seedlings. Squash, eggplants, pumpkins, melons and okra. (Have you tried googling “DIY grow lights”? You should. I was amused at the search results.) I, since then have dropped the grow light on a pumpkin seedling crushing its tiny stem. In my panic, I also administered some homeopathy to the plant for the trauma. Cross your fingers. I am crossing mine. I should click a picture of my seedlings. But getting the camera, the usb dongle, the computer and five minutes all together is proving to be a muy indomitable task. Hope spring eternal.

Yesterday, Chip was looking at our wedding album and we had this conversation:

Chip: Where am I?
Aie: Huh?
Chip: Why am I not there in these pictures?
Aie: You were not there.
Chip (perplexed, puzzled): I was not there when you and Baba got married? Where was I?
Aie: You weren’t born then.
Chip: Oh! I was in your tummy then.
Aie : No, no, you were not in my tummy.
Chip: Then, where was I?

So, tell me, gentle readers? Where was Chip?


rayshma said...

i am not gonna answer... merely keep coming back here and read the other comments!
this is like a learning guide for me! :D
when i have a kid.. i'm gonna keep ur number handy.. and tell the kid to call u if and when such queries arise! :D

Anonymous said...

My kids have had this conversation. Neil especially gets upset when he sees a picture of his sisters without him. My girls answer, You were a seed waiting to be planted in Mummy's tummy. You werent planted yet..:)

I trained them well.

Parul said...

He was the twinkle in BG's eye. I hope there was a twinkle in BG's eye?

Kodi's Mom said...

my typical response and I've used it so many times now that he says it himself - "you were inside, inside, inside my stomach - a teeny tiny dot" kinda technically correct right?

good to have you back. now don't disappear again!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

lol on administering homeopathy to the plant!!
a teeny tiny dot in mommy's tummy somehow seems to please them...or maybe not since the question keeps cropping up all the time!??!
when you have the talk about birds and bees, you can prolly give him a better answer :)

Good to have you (and Chip) back!

Shobana said...

Waiting to see your garden pics! We are just holding back this year and not doing anything in the garden.

Munchkin said...

Damn! Parul already said it..although I would like to think that he was the twinkle in your eye ;)

Mystic Margarita said...

To quote Tagore, "Amar hiyar majhe lukiye chile," - you were hiding in my heart - makes a nice answer to Chip's question, too :)

About the previous post - Belated birthday wishes to BG. He's truly resourceful and quick-thinking - like you, I'd have panicked, too, if faced with something like that.

dipali said...

My kids were sitting on a cloud at Bhagwaanji's pad, waiting to be summoned by their parents.

GettingThereNow said...

He was with God, waiting for Mama and Dada to realize they wanted him?

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Waiting in God's garden. Within a bud. A fragrance waiting to fill your lives with joy, bliss, completeness and perfume.

You've been tagged take it up!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Sorry. Here's the link to the tag...

the mad momma said...

i use both - you were a twinkle in dada's eye :) (old fashioned, i know) and also - you were sitting in heaven and waiting to come down to mama

Orchid said...

i really want to tell u what uj told Li'l A once, but then again....this is a family forum, so maybe another time!! :D

but more posts please, i need to read more of the dot mom

sujata said...

loved the post..its so true.. I can sit and write a thousand words on anything under the sun, but a simple question asked by my kids bowls me over completely..

Tharini said...

Chip was a promise then, that always hovered over you and BG, coming alive in all the heightened moments of your marriage. :D

I told mine that he was living with God at the time! :)

IBH said...

tagged :)

Usha said...

Oh he was this miracle waiting to happen!

DotThoughts said...

raysh: you get to have the easy way out!!! not fair :)

asaan: yes, that seemed to have satisfied Chip. To not be existant at all was a bit unnerving for him :)

Parul: lol. I think so ;-)

kodi's mom: yes. they seem to find some confort that they always existed. steady state theory of sorts.

gnd: the seedling died :( it was the first one that sprouted too.

shobana: yes yes. I can't wait to click.

munchkin: lol. yes.

mystic: ooooh i like this. how absoltely poetic.

dipali: let me try this :)

gtn: will try this too :)

m4: yes yes. tags everywhere.. thanks m4.

mm: is that old fashioned, I didn't know. parul said the same:)

orchie: hey email me, dude.

suj: that's the purpose of these kids, I am convinced :)

tara: damn tara. you have left me speechless ;-)

ibh: yes yes yes

DotThoughts said...

usha: and what a miracle it is:)

Subhashree said...

The brat had this conversation with me a couple of months back. I forgot to blog about it, will do now I guess.

My answer was 'you were a star hovering in the space'. He likes the answer because of star and space :)