Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A picture post

Hot Spring - looks like a witch's caldron. Steam and bubbles.

Elk at the watering hole

Firehole Canyon Waterfall

Forest Fire!!!!

A wolf - See that look on it's face!

The Grand Teton Range.. Can you spot the err..

Don't remeber its name Waterfall

The American Bald Eagle

Mule Deer in the grass

Firehole River and Geyser

Bison - they are 2200lbs!

Colter Bay

Colors at the edges of Geysers. Thanks to Thermophilic Bacteria.

More colors


Rohini said...

Beautiful photography Dottie

eve's lungs said...

Such lovely photographs , Dottie

Sujatha said...

Divine. Absolument.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

FANTABULOUS SNAPS!! These are seriously beautiful!

K3 said...

AWESOME Pics! Thanks for sharing.

DotThoughts said...

Ro: thanks!

eve's lungs: thanks :)

Suj: You think?? :)

M4: thanks a lot!

K3: thanks and your comment made me do it, so thanks back!

Shilpa said...


Just saw them!

Beautiful as expected...

Thanks a lot!