Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tis not a season for cold

but Chip has one. Quite bad too. When I picked him at his daycare yesterday, his forehead was hot. I gave him some Infant's Motrin, but by 10:00, he had a high temperature. The Braun ear thermometer was all I could find and that one is so unreliable. So at 10:30 last night I made a trip to the local Safeway to get some children's Tylenol and a decent (read regular) thermometer. They only had a $15.00 SpongeBob one and I had no choice but to buy it. (BigGeek liked the tune it played)

Chip had a rough night. He kept waking up and talking utter nonsense and kept telling BigGeek to start the lawnmower. He threw up, we changed sheets, gave him another dose of Tylenol and he finally went to sleep at 3:30 am.

Obviously he did not go to daycare today. My mom's watching him. He still has a temperature. Poor guy. He hasn't eaten all day. Hope he feels better soon.


Praba said...

Sorry to hear about your son's cold. Hope he feels better soon.

Sorry to focus on a compltely different issue - really - these Disney/Nickelodeon characters have left no product untouched..Often times, we as parents are driven to the point where we don't have a choice but to bring one of those annoying characters home..I had to bring home a dora potty seat once for my little one..I had no choice..they dont seem to leave parents too - in addition to our kids who are bombarded every sec in school and other places, we get bombarded too..

DotMom said...

so true, praba. that's an issue that deserves a post of its own :)