Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Better late than never

Apya and Bubbu tagged Chip. This tag is so long overdue, its not even funny. I have been down with a mother of all colds, so blogging has been super-light. Will resume when the wretched virus has let go of its congestive clasp. But here's this for now.

8 Things I am passionate about (right now):
1. Lawn mowers
2. HVAC Units
3. Pressure Washers
4. Tractor trailers
5. Giant Pandas
6. Dumpers
7. Back hoes
8. Airplanes

8 Things I do that drives My Mom crazy (Just 8??)
1. Assume later = no. Make a big fuss about it.
2. Eat a few bites of breakfast/dinner and then twist Aie's arm to narrate endless stories about one of the above things I am passionate about, changing location and characters. All the while forgetting to eat.
3. Tell the overhead light fixture in the foyer to not fall on my head. Or to scold me. About two dozen times a day.
4. Make strange connections. E.g. when Aie tells me the above mentioned light fixture is not a person, I ask if it is a pizza. (Aie is not making this up)
5. Assume any black, semi-circular object is a nipple. Pronounce the fact loudly in stores.
6. Make my own plans and throw a tantrum when they don’t come to fruition. E.g. I will wake up from my nap and tell Aie I plan to go to a friend’s house. I will further more decide I will wear my jeans and take my truck. When the plan does not materialize because I have forgotten to check with Aie dearest if the family has plans for the evening, I dissolve in a crying heap on the floor.
7. Throw tantrum when Aie says no. (this deserves a post of its own)
8. Did I mention run, run, run. Everywhere?

8 Things that I say often:
1. Are we going out right now?
2. Are you happy, Aie?
3. I am tired of eating this.
4. That means no [insert object/meal/activity] for Chip.
5. Yay!!
6. Thank you
7. I am not happy, Aie (when my plans are thwarted)
8. Will Baba fix it?

8 Books that I have read:
1. Goodnight Moon
2. Silly Dilly Duck
3. Best friends in the snow
4. Elmo’s Easy as ABC
5. Winnie-the-pooh
6. Autumn Leaves
7. Big Book of Airplanes
8. Big Book Of Trucks

8 Things that make me the person I am:
1. Boundless Energy
2. Endless Persistence
3. Gentle Affection
4. Slapstick Humor
5. Curiosity about how things work
6. Love of Nature
7. Hard rock / prog metal fan
8. Intense

8 things I have said or done this week to crack my family up:
1. To my father while driving-“Drive with both your hands on the wheel.”
2. Set a table properly when asked to and immediately collect dishes and play with them.
3. Get very, very worried because the Roomba is stuck under the table and can’t find a way out.
4. Stick my hand into the hollow of a speaker and pretend for about 10 minutes it is stuck badly, to the point Aie has almost called a fireman to come and get it out. Then laugh silly.
5. Stand in the middle of the road in a parking lot to wave to passing cars in acknowledgement of them stopping to let me cross. But cross the road I won’t. I just stand and raise my hand.
6. Enter a grocery store and head over to the water melons and plonk one in the cart. Then head over to the bananas and get a bunch, then pasta, then the olive bar. You get the picture. Ah. But I do pick a bottle of very expensive wine for my parents.
7. Refuse to speak in English with the neighbors, insisting they speak in Marathi.
8. After Aie steps out to use the restrooms in his daycare ask in a very loud voice– “Did you finish peeing, Aie?”


choxbox said...

btw, roomba? kewl!

Usha said...

hehehe. There is never a dull moment with Chip around I am sure.
And the things that drive you crazy, if only you knew how cute I found them!
*Runs for cover*

mummyjaan said...

Omigod! You're hilarious , Chip! I wonder where you get your sense of humour from. Thanks for doing the tag.

Kodi's Mom said...

:D Chip tags are so much fun!
the things to drive you crazy - nipple? omg! and light fixture is hilarious!

Orchid said...

dear lil chip...u are so much fun to know!
and nipple, really ?? :)

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Still laughing!! We had a really amusing time last weekend hanging out with Chip...

rayshma said...

LOL! i found all. and i mean ALL of this extremely cute & amusing! :))
uh... btw, roomba mhanje...??

dipali said...

Wow! Life with this little chap sounds like great fun, most of the time:)

I love Lucy said...

Your chip is super-dooper-cute!!
And about the Roomba..errr..I have my little conversations with our Roomba as well.When it gets stuck somewhere I keep imploring it move...like it was a pup and it understood whatever I was saying! Roombas are fun!I am with Chip 100% on this one.

Shobana said...

U are an amusing creature, Chip. I guess, there seldom is a minute when Mom can let go of her guard, can she?

Mira's mom said...

LOL! Loved the point no. 8 in the last section :-)

Anonymous said...


DotMom said...

choxbox: roomba is a life saver. you should totally get one.

usha: soooo.. can you babysit this weekend :D

mummyjaan: sorry it was done so late though! glad you enjoyed it.

kodi's mom: the black semicircular objects are found in target..I think they are a part of the alarm system. I didn't even know they existed until Chip pointed them out.

orchid: really, yeah :(

gnd: Chip had fun too!

raysha: roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner. its pretty dumb but its soooo useful. google it to find pictures. And if you don't have one, you should get it. try looking at woot.com for deals everyday.

dipali: most of the times being the operative word :)

i love lucy: takes a nerd to know a nerd :) they are cute though. I had wanted one for so long!

shobana: not a minute. i get my $$ worth at daycare :)

mira's mom: yeah about 25 parents got too much information.

utbt: glad it made you laugh :)

ddmom said...

How many LOL's can I write in the comment? Will go as my favorite chip post after that three part woman tale of his.
Been reading your posts, just wasn't commenting much. The vaishno devi post brought chills..

mumbaigirl said...

Get well soon and good luck with Chip. Swallow dry roasted garlic-it sounds disgusting and gives you garlicky burps but does help with sinus problems!