Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Chipspeak

(On the way home from daycare)
Aie: We have to stop at CVS on our way home to pick up Baba’s meds.
Chip: OK.
(2 minutes later Aie realizes she needs to go to the bathroom)
Aie: Chip, actually, lets go home, you drink your milk and then we’ll go to CVS.
Chip: Why? I want to go to CVS now.
Aie: I have to do pee-pee, that’s why.
Chip: You won’t do it in your chuddi?
Aie: No! Am I a baby? We will go home, you drink your milk and I will to go to the bathroom and then we’ll go to the store.
Chip: No, no. Drive fast and find a gas station. You can do pee-pee there. The bathroom’s just like home. Don’t be afraid. Even I do pee-pee there.


(Shaking a blue stuffed elephant in Aie’s face)
Chip: Poo-poo. That’s poo poo.
Aie is silent. Tries to get a rise out of his mother
Chip: Is that poo-poo, Aie? Is that poo-poo?
Hahaha. Aie was not born yesterday, dude
Aie: Yes, that’s poo-poo.
Chip is taken aback.
Chip (cautiously): That’s poo-poo?
Aie: Yes, its blue poo-poo
Chip: OK, let’s put it on your bum then.
(Chases Aie up the stairs to pin the blue poo-poo on her ample behind)


Aie finds a small dark wooden stick under her bed. She wonders what it is and keeps it aside. Two minutes later Chip arrives and looks at the stick.
Chip: What’s that stick?
Aie: I don’t know. It’s just a stick. I don’t remember what it’s for.
Chip thinks for a second.
Chip: It’s the frog’s stick?
Aie: Frog’s stick?
Chip: Yes. Sadhee (Ajji) got the frog. You do this with the stick. (does a motion with the stick)
Aie (suddenly remembering): Oh! Yes. The frog croaks when you rub the stick on its back. Now I remember.
Chip: Yes! Frog goes croak-croak.
Aie: I wonder where the frog is. Give me the stick.
Chip: No. Are you a frog? No. You are not a frog. You are Aie. This is frog’s.


RJ said...

LOL about chaddi and bathrooms at gas stations. Enjoyed reading!!

mummyjaan said...
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mummyjaan said...

It's a lovely stage that he's at, isn't it? I bet you never have a boring moment with him.

DotThoughts said...

rj: thanks!

mummyjaan: you are sooo right. its is the stage!

rayshma said...


Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

well, of course you're not a frog!!
What an amazing sense of humor!

Kodi's Mom said...

chip rocks :) encore, encore!

~nm said...

Cute incidents!

And the chaddi incident was funny!!

Preethi said...

Chip is so smart and adorable.. and quite Cheeky I see.. time for Chip and Cheeky to meet for sure!! That would be a blast!

K 3 said...

Awww ... how could I missed the lovely Chipspeak!! (Damm my laptop thats been broken for a week!!! :(

PG said...

so cute! A witty boy he is.

Vinita said...

I just couldn't stop laughing. I really don't know whats more funny..chip's sweet nothings or your way of describing the whole thing. " Chases Aie up the stairs to pin the blue poo poo on her AMPLE BEHIND". hahahaha. Too funny


Mama - Mia said...

chip speak juet keeps getting better!! :D



Mona said...

dottie. i'm loving chipspeak. they make me smile :)

Maggie said...

LOL! Have too many of your posts to catch up on - but these are just gems! Am still laughing about you being a 'good girl' :-D

choxbox said...


Rohini said...

Chipspeak has me in in stitches from laughing! Especially the blue poo-poo and the good girl without a baby in the tummy! LOL!

Mystic Margarita said...

LOL! How did I miss this one? Chip is so darn cute! :)

DotThoughts said...

rayshma: :)

gnd: umm, no. BG used to be, but then he turned into a charming prince after all :)

kodi's mom: they will come soon enough :)

~nm: :)

preethi: I know.. I was thinking of Cheeky when I wrote these incidents.

k3: hos the laptop now?

vinita: Trust me, I state facts. Especially about ample behinds :)

mama-mia: his agenda is to embaraass his poor old mother!

mona: you want em in person? I can fedex him!

maggie: and we don't watch hindi movies :)

choxie: :)

ro: you will soon meet the lil bugger in person.

mystic: thanks!