Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to turn 4

Very, very fast. Before you can say blimpety-blimp. On the 14th, Chip turned four. And on the 15th, I turned… ummmm 26. Yeah. Chip had been planning his birthday party like a bride plans her wedding. Cake. Snacks. Juice. Goodie bags. For two parties.

Everything was planned in minute details and was checked upon and double checked to make sure that bumbling Aie got it right. For his school party, he had planned a Wall-E cake, popcorn - the bagged ones. NOT the ones you make in a microwave. And pretzels shaped like airplanes. Brand battles were fought with his old Aie. Many a gray cells were employed in making a decision over V-8 and “lemolade”. Aie was unsure how many kids would actually drink V-8, so after she agreed to buy V-8 for Chip’s consumption, “lemolade” passed muster.

Goody bags were selected based on a careful study of current goody-bag trends in under-4 age category. A close eye was kept on the Aie, in case she tried to hoodwink the birthday boy by placing Hershey’s kisses instead of Starbursts in them. Much debate was had on the advantages of choosing silly glasses over noise makers. Many a night kept him awake over play-doh should be included at all or whether coloring books and water colors would be the way to go. Bubble bottles which his mother thought every 4-yr old would enjoy were looked at with utter skepticism but were finally approved. Much to his mother’s relief. Demands for a Wall-E cake did not stop at just the theme. He wanted to make sure that the bakery made cake with “special eggs that he was not allergic to, but everyone else was.” How would such a cake be enjoyed by everyone was a moot question.

When I went to tell his teachers a week before the hallowed event, she told me she knew. That’s what His Chipness had been telling everyone for the past month. There was nothing else on his mind.

When Party time arrived at school, BigGeek and I went in with cake and snacks. Earlier in the morning, Chip had helped me load the plates and cups and snacks and drinks in the car. He is totally helpful that way. Every time we go grocery shopping, he helps load the bags in the car and helps them unload. And its not just token one or two bags. He carries a good amount of bags – the heavy ones too. He is a son that would make his Aie and Baba proud. (anti-JINX). Ofcourse his Aie enables him by complimenting on how “big and strong” he is and how she is totally incapable of managing such heavy bags by herself.

But, back to the party. Chip handed out the plates and cups – asking in a very loud voice if everyone got one and generally running underfoot until his teacher had to order him to sit down and eat. He was too excited to eat. Even his favorite food. The cake was cut and while many kids in his class asked for seconds, Chip did not touch a crumb. Then he spun into high gear giving goody bags to everyone (and also one for himself).

On the way home, I tried to explain what goody bags are for. “They are to say thank you for sharing my special day with me, you know Chip.” But Chip shook his head.

Two days later, he prepared for party, part dos. At the fire station. The menu was decided by me, this time. As were the take away gifts. We got books for all kids and Chip made sure while I was wrapping them that I had not forgotten his friend from school. When this friend arrived at the party, Chip ran to him and said – “Dude, I am so glad you are here.” Talk about being all growed-up! At the party, the kids got to meet firemen, got to know what it is they do and got to climb on firetrucks and turn on the siren. All very exciting. I had made a two-tier ice-cream cake. With a fire engine on top and a fire hydrant and hose. And baked some kachoris. The kids ate watermelon and veggie crisps and chips and drank milk and juice. It was fun and Chipin the end had a meltdown from all the excitement. But he got a ton of totally lovely gifts from his friends. Now I have to find a way for him to sign the thank you notes!


Jira said...

This was hilarious! Happy birthday to both of u...And recipe for the ice cream cake plz...

Mahendra said...

Congratulations! Happy birthday to both of you.

I wonder if your party was as entertaining as it was to read your post. :-)

You sure give me the creeps. Being a socially shy Dad, I'm not much into parties, so this is a strenuous event for me. With just 2 years gone by, I'm already exhausted. And you're giving me a glimpse of what lies ahead!

The concept of giving gifts in return is called a 'return gift' back here. Kids of all ages chat about such stuff. It's a nightmare! Sometimes, I wish they knew as much about other thinks (like music or the universe) as they know everything about birthdays! :-)

rayshma said...

aww... sure sounds like a LOT of fun... esp the ice cream cake... yummmm...!!!

Orchid said...

happy b'day to chippie chip and you!
never thought of the fire station, how cool!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

What perfectly lovely birthday parties! I am so glad His Chipness (LOL!!) had fun!! What a big boy and such a cool dude at that!

Belated birthday wishes to you both.

And er, 26? You mean you've well and truly crossed over into the other side of the mid-twenties and are now hurtling towards the thirties? Poor you, poor poor you *tut-tuts this 23 year-old sympathetically* ;D

Aie said...

How fast is he growing!! Belated 26th!!!??? happy birthday to you.

Usha said...

Wow, that was indeed a wonderful way to turn 4 and...(let's say 21)
Many many happy returns to chippy boy and his aie.

Preethi said...

Such a fun bday :) I wish I was there for the fire station one... :)

AA_Mom said...

Happy birthday to you both, Mom-Son Duo...err 26th....err....

Kodi's Mom said...

LOL! what a way to party! & what a way to write it up!
Happy b'day Chipness & his ultra cool, always-26, Aie! please may we see pics of the cake?
ps: fire staton lets you have parties?

DotThoughts said...

Jira: Thanks. will write the recipe. Its totally easy!

Mahendra: After 2, your lil one will plan and entertain. All you have to do is show up ;-)Growing up, we never had return gifts. heck we rarely even had organised gala-parties!!!

raysh: you are invited for a treat!

orchie: call em. lil A will have boatloads of fun when his budday rolls by.

m4: Thanks :) Ah. what do you 23-yr olds know. Ask me. I have been 26 for a while now :)

Aie: Now this is a person, I can't fool ;-)

Usha: I like how you sneaked in the 21 ;-) Thanks for the wishes :)

Preethi: You are invited next time:)

AA_Mom: Why is everybdy having a hard time believeing I am 26? huh? :)

Kodi's mom: I plan to stay 26 for the next decade atleast, you know :) Yes, you can have a party at the firestation. They are mighty glad. And what made me more happy was the money I spent on it went to support our firefighters which are all voluntter.

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes to Chip and you!
What a great idea to have a birthday party at the fire station. Please do post pictures and recipe of the ice-cream cake. You are my inspiration in baking and gardening :)
- Nithu

Shobana said...

Wow! What an amazing idea for the location...a firehouse. What more can a 4yr old ask for???? And u are only 26?????? You sound very grown up, when in fact u are a baby urself?!(I am 28..hmmph!)

Shobana said...

Oh...belated wishes to both Chip and his mommy!

Mystic Margarita said...

Happy belated b'day to Chip! The fire station is a wonderful idea for a party! Glad all of you had so much fun! Waiting for the cake recipe! :)

Shilpa said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Chip! Wonderful write-up of a wonderful party (or two). Pictures please. Pictures please! Of the cake perhaps?

Mama - Mia said...

wow!! firstly Happy budday to His Chipness! :)

and why do they start having opnions nd demands so soon??!! how come?!

and like Boo says, all you mommies have already secured place in the mommy heaven by baking birthday cakes!

me, am gonna rot in hell, i tell ya! :p

and the fire station party sounds like such a brilliant idea! you go Aie! :)



Anonymous said...

Oh Wow...I fully intend to make the soon to be born turn 4 before he turns 1 :D I don't know if I am craving the cakes more or the fire station more . So did you get to play with the siren for turning 26 :)

Sujatha said...

Happy birthday to the both of you! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

Subhashree said...

Wish you both a great year ahead. And you can wish me the same. Turned 29 yesterday :)

Munchkin said...

oh my gosh..that sounded like super fun..so the party was held at an actual fire station? what an awesome idea!

a belated happy birthday to you too :)

DotThoughts said...

Nithu: done :) A fellow cook and a garder here everyone :)

Shobana: You are the only on who believes me ;-)

Mystic: Am sure Popol would love his party at a firestation. Just call them, they are very helpful.

Shilpa:Done and thanks:)

Mama-mia: dunno, if you find the answer tell me ;-) today's generation and all that you know :D And dude, mommyhood is waaay more than cooking, no :)

Suj: thanks :)

binary: lol. I didn't :(

Subha: Happy happy budday, fellow taurean:)

Munchkin: it was fun munchie:)

choxbox said...

hey just realised chip and my lil one are very clos ein age! yoohoo.

belated happy budday chip! and also to the 26 yr old ;)