Monday, May 4, 2009

Joys of Motherhood

This has prolly been around the world several times over and then some and I am finally getting around to doing it. JLT and M4 tagged me to write 5 things I love about being a mom. This post is going to be a good reminder for me. When I am angry with Chip for behaving a certain way or not behaving a certain way, that yes, the joys of motherhood (and not to exclude the BigGeek, joys of parenthood) trump every other joy there is in this world. So here goes.

1. Watching a life evolve.
From finding their “fingers and toes” as babies to their speech to their attitudes - it’s a fantastic journey these little creatures take us on. You marvel at the miracle of the human body. Of what it is capable of doing and how it develops and changes. You are in presence of a miracle.

2. Watching yourself evolve.
On a different plane altogether. From being a confident, assured 20-something to being a not-so-self-assured 30-something. Being a mother (and a parent) is like doing the sarvang-asaan 24-7. No facet of your life remains untouched by your child and you are surprised that you ended up this way than what you thought you would. My child develops and shapes me, perhaps more than what I develop and shape him.

3. Finding joys in the little things.
Like the squirrel that runs up the tree. Or the happiness in finding a really, I mean really, big stick and being allowed to stash it under your bed. Or the little treasure of shells and stones.

4.Chip is the emotional barometer of our family.
It amazes me how early he could tune into my feelings. Ever so often he comes up to me and says “Smile. I hadn’t realized I frown that much. He says “Smile” an awful lot of times. So, in a very literal sense, my child has taught me to smile more.

5. Letting go.
No, this is not a joy, but an important lesson I am being taught every day. The importance of letting go. The importance of treating Chip as a separate person – with his own set of feelings and hopes and fears – very different from mine. Even if he sees me as his extension – you know – he has two eyes, two hands, two feet, one nose and one mother. Of not overwhelming him with my hopes and fears and aspirations. To allow him to be himself.

This has been doing the grand tour of the blogworld (mommy blog world at any rate). So, if you haven’t done this already, now’s your chance!


Munchkin said...

Excellent post.Point 2 was so well written, I almost stood up and applauded. Wonderful!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Beautifully written. Nodding along tearily at no.5

Just Like That said...

"My child develops and shapes me, perhaps more than what I develop and shape him."
So so true. It is indeed a humbling experience- motherhood.
Well written, Dottie, as always.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

so so so true! each one of them!! #5 is easier said than done for me...
i resolve to take it easy and let them be and find myself expecting too much again!

And you bet that they teach us more than we do them!! They make me revisit and re-read every life-lesson that Dale Carnegie has taught!! If I could apply half of his teachings to my girls, I'll consider myself a successful mom :)

Since it's up for grabs, I'll prolly take it on :)
Need something to motivate me to write.

aie said...

after your child is born you are a different person. that is why it is said after delivery it is "doosra janma"

IBH said...

and you forgot that i tagged u as well! hmmpf! :(

:)very well written Dots...