Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Spat

So once upon a time, Aie and Baba were having a kitchen spat. I mean, what is a marriage without an occasional spat, right? Right? So, like most spats, it had no reason and one thing led to another. Lil Chip was standing by, watching the goings-on curiously. In the end, he decided to referee.

Chip: Aie, Baba, wait. Don’t fight. Let me get you a beer.
Baba: No, Chip. I don’t want a beer right now.
Chip: OK. I will get Aie a beer.
Aie: I don’t want a beer, Chip.
Chip: Then…. I can’t help you.

With that, this odd trio wish all US-wasis a happy July 4th!


rayshma said...

seriously... you don't want beer, he can't help you! :D

happy happy to you too! what plans?

Mahendra said...

:-) They teach us so much, sometimes!

shraddha said...

enjoy..have fun!!!!

Munchkin said...

LOL! He's right, there's nothing a chilled beer can't fix :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hehehe! What a cutie...but I must say, I do like his quick-fix solution!

And Happy 4th of July to you too...from a Non-Resident American :)

Pipette's Mimi said...

hahahaha he is so cool!!
Happy 4th of July to you guys too~

richajn said...

LOL. that guy sure has his fundas clear. there's nothing a beer cant fix. and if u're not game for beer, he cant help you!! wow.

Anonymous said...

He is the quintessential American trying to solve internal problems of all others, in this case two Indians. -:))

It is so astonishing to see the insight children have and their uncanny 6th sense. Many times, They act like barometers of the parents mood.


Mama - Mia said...


where do these kids learn this stuff?!

happy 4th of july to you guys!


Mom Gone Mad said...

Happy 4th of July, Dottie!

I just love this anecdote. good ole Chip! So clued into what ticks:-)

Anonymous said...

You should thank your stars that Chip didn't say - Then…. I can’t help you. Let me help myself to a beer.

Chip is awesome :)

Reminded me when another Indian couple I know were having a fight. Their son (who at that time didn't understand English) told them - if you want to fight in front of me, then fight in English.

Anonymous said...

Guess that was good enough to end the spat!! (And saved two pints of beer!!)

Meluhhan said...

LOL! Someone's going to grow up to be popular. :)

Happy 4th of July!

Miss M said...

Hahahahahaha this was just hilarious! :D

First time on your blog. :)

dipali said...

Then I can't help you! Too cute:)

Preethi said...

haha... see he figured it all out.. the best solution for a spat.. get drunk!! :D

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Timepass said...

LOL...Chip is an expert is solving r u?

DotThoughts said...

raysh: I know.. I womder what values we have been instilling in him :)

Mahendra: umm.. to drink???? ROTFL.

Shraddha: :)

Munchkin: I am thinking of hiriing him out to mediate between fights. You want?

mimi, M4: :) and to you.

richajn: yeah, dunno what we have been teaching him!

Aba: Trust you to say this :D But yes, he is a barometer awright!

mama-mia: what i am asking too!

mgm: :)

anon: omg. omg. yes. thank god. you just made me realise this situation could have been worse.

meluhhan: beer always makes people popular !!

miss m: and welcome!

dipali: take him, take him.

preethi: lol.

timepass: nice to ehar from you. how your baby doing?