Friday, June 26, 2009

Off the wall

R.I.P, King of Pop.


Anonymous said...

He was an icon in the full sense of the word. A real genius - of, one in a century, kind.

British Foreign Minister's comment sums it up all: "For the one, who soared so high and dived so low."


DotThoughts said...

Aba: @"For the one, who soared so high and dived so low."
So, so true.

Preethi said...

I was at the gym when I saw the breaking news flash across the television. As I drove home, I called M and yelled switch on CNN .. they are saying MJ is dead! He was a true icon.. whether he soared high or dived low he touched lives and people across the world. I wasn't even a fan, I listen to tamil music all the time.. and still it meant something to me when I saw the news!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

The news still hasn't settled in.


rayshma said...

RIP, MJ. but his music shall always live on.

Deepa said...

RIP, my foot! For all the children he molested, for all the children whose pronographic video footage and material that was found in his home countless times----- may he rot in HELL!!!!

DotThoughts said...

Preethi: icon, he was.

M4: Amen.

raysh: yup!

Deepa: As Aba said - for the one who rose so high and fell so low.