Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's trash, but...

why did I not think of it before?????

I would be rolling in millions, yes?


zenga said...

That is like a 'Diaper Genie' for trash!

GettingThereNow said...

For 54 (FIFTY FOUR??!!) dollars I wouldn't buy it :P Then I'd be a friend short (if it were your idea).

I store extra trash bags UNDER the inner bin of my trash can.

This one sure does look nice, but I still wouldn't buy it. Cheapo me! :P

Vinita said...

khup divas zhale kahi posts nahit.. tujha halu halu blogging madhla interest kami vhyala laaglay ka gharatli ani office madhli jawabdaari vadhliye? ka sutti enjoy kartiyes?

DotThoughts said...

zenga: diaper on your mind... LOL

gtn: i do tht too, but this is soo cool.

vinita: had been to india.. :) will post regularly now.