Monday, December 28, 2009

Regular programming to resume soon!!

Hopefully 2010 should see a more dedicated me, blogging wise atleast. I just got back from a barely two week trip to India. We got back last Wednesday, drove to Connecticut to visit family on Thursday; because obviously a 24 hour plane ride does not cut it for us :) I have missed the best season of living in the US. The holiday season. It just feels very odd. The Christmas tree was put up in the a huge hurry while packing for the trip to India. We get back when its time to take it down. I am consoling myself with the fact that our timing could not be better. While we were enjoying my sister-in-law's wedding feast, the Washington DC area got pummelled with snow. Like 3 feet of it. Please not to snigger if you live in the states north of here. We simply cannot handle this much snow.

I am almost over the jetlag. But not the moping. I find I am a tropical girl at heart. All this shovelling and snow and blustery winds business are not for me. I have been on such a whine fest the past few days because I have been rudely flung from a buckets-of-perspiration inducing 90F to a what-will-get-this-chill-out-of-my-bones 19F. No points for guessing what I prefer (ok, a lil AC would be nice, but by and large, sweat wins)

I have a few amazing pictures of peacocks in the snow and a fox in the backyard that I will try and post. But since it involves BigGeek, a wire and a gadget, I hope to cajole him into mailing me those pictures. Till, then Ciao and a here's wishing you all a very happy, joyful, peaceful, all wishes granted 2010.


Vinita said...

Post waachun chhan waatla. Welcome back.. saglya arthaani :))

Mahendra said...

Hey, you guys were visiting India and I didn't even know...:(

Hope you had a good trip. Two weeks sounds very hectic.

Here's wishing you all a great new year ahead!

Timepass said...

Happy New year..waiting for ur posts..luv to chip

Mama - Mia said...

ooh! an India trip! hope you guys had fun!! tell us the stories! i loved reading the posts after you got back from the last wedding you attended! :)

have a great new year ahead!


utbtkids said...

Happy new year Dottie

GettingThereNow said...

Welcome back! Missed you. But you already know that :)

DDmom said...

Ditto on the first line. Though I must admit I have been reading you on and off, just wasn't commenting.
Fox in the backyard? err..

New year eve seems just right to delurk and wish. Happy New Year!

dipali said...

Enjoy your winter wonderland, Dottie!
Hope you're over moping by now.

DotThoughts said...

Vinita - thanks :)
Mahendra: We will definately spend time in Pune next time.. this was such a rush-rush trip :(

Timepass: and to you!!!

Mama-mia: what a memory :) just posted one..

utbt: and to you!!!

GTN: yeah, yeah :)

DDMom: thanks for delurking!!

dipali: I am ready to pack some and send it to you. you want? :)

Subhashree said...

Wow... so you've been here for the New Year. Thass good. Hope you had a great beginning of the year. Happy new year.

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