Monday, July 16, 2007

About me

What is ‘Karma Calling’ about?
It’s a record of our life, our thoughts and our many adventures as they unfold. A chronicle of our pasts and a wish list of the future, a commentary of the present.

Who is ‘we’ ?
BigGeek – The husband. A true renaissance man. Metal head. Connoisseur of single-malts. Crazy about sound and sound engineering. Enjoys photography. Likes scifi and comics. A real Big Geek.

DotMom – The wife. A bohemian at heart. Musically inclined. Enjoys listening to Bach, Kishori Amonkar, Dreamtheater, Steve Morse Band. Likes to cook, bake and garden. Enjoys photography. Likes to write. Enjoys literary fiction. Writes this blog.

Chip – The Offsping. Chip off the block. Rambunctious. In the throes of his terrible two's. Has his mother’s nose and father’s ears. Is the very definition of a Sears' High Need Child.

Why does DotMom blog?
It’s therapeutic. It’s fun. It’s also very addictive. But mostly because she hopes one day Chip and his children and their children will read it. A bequest of sorts.

Dot Mom Trivia

Sign: Taurus
Religion: Non-practicing Hindu
Ethnicity : Indian
Personality: Free Wheeling Builder
Language spoken at home: Marathi
Lives : In Loudoun County, VA. About 26 miles west of Washington DC.
Currently Reading: A Bend in the River – V.S. Naipaul
Books that left a mark (in no particular order)

  • The Inheritance of Loss – Kiran Desai
  • The Castle – Franz Kafka
  • The sea, the sea – Iris Murdoch
  • Butter Chicken in Ludhiana – Pankaj Mishra
  • The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge – Carlos Castenada
  • Surely you must be joking, Mr.Feynman – Richard Feynman
  • Changing – Liv Ullman
  • Chronicle of a death foretold - Gabriel García Márquez
  • Flatland - Edwin Abbott Abbott
  • Fountain Head – Ayn Rand
  • Asaa Mee Asaa Mee (Marathi) – P.L. Deshpande

Movies that left an impression (in no particular order)

  • Persona - Ingmar Bergman
  • Pi - Darrel Arnofsky
  • Monty Python and the holy grail – Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones
  • Twelve Angry Men – Sidney Lumet
  • Pulp fiction – Quentin Tarantino
  • Matrix – Wachowski Bros.
  • Blood Diamond – Edward Zwick
  • Shantata! Court Chaloo Aahe (Marathi) – Saytadev Dubey
  • Sparsh (Hindi)– Sai Paranjpe
  • Sanskara (Kannada)– P.R. Reddy

Can be reached at todotmom at gmail dot com


lacochran's evil twin said...

By the way, I really like your Thoreau quote. Thanks for sharing.

Ramya said...

Hi Dotmom,

Great blog!! I am a new blogging mom, do visit my blog sometime -
Looking forward to our blog friendship.

Unknown said...

Hey you got a cool blog here, by the way, I feel I have a lot in common with Big Geek :)

We own and we will have a blog soon about parenting. So look forward to blogroll in near future.

Raj said...

Hello dotmom,
I loved your posts. please keep writing. by the way, i blog too! please visit my site and let me know your comments on them.
Lets stay in touch!

Cheers and all the best

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