Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anthem Memories

On my way home from work yesterday, I tuned into BBC World service to listen to a rather charming interview by Salman Rushdie talking about Midnight’s Children and of all things, heard the Indian National anthem during the break. It has been almost five years, no, even more, close to eight or nine years since I heard it and did it bring a rush of memories from my school days! Starched uniforms, teachers with white sarees and salwaar-kurtas; the flag hoisting on what would almost always be an overcast, gray, wet day. The Pledge. Speeches. By the students and teachers. The patriotic songs of heroes fallen. The National Anthem. Such competition there was to enter the ‘coveted’ group of singers! It was a shortlist. If you made the vocal group for Independence Day, you were certain to make it to the Annual Gathering, later in the year. The excitement of the refreshments served – oily samosas and orange crème biscuits always tasted better on August 15. And lastly the silly happiness of going home within the hour.

Happy Independence Day, Indians.