Friday, August 17, 2007

Chip's Favorite Reads #2

This is the second installment. (1st installment)

Monsters get scared of the dark too (a.k.a. Monster Andaar Book)– This from the Monster’s Inc. series. Most of this book is lost on him I think, like the jokes about watching movies like Close Encounters of the Kid Kind, but I think he gets the gist. He will rattle off the junk food Billy and his uncles eat, obviously he wants the candy and soda too and how Billy gets scared of the andaar (dark). He will then rattle of things where Chip ghabarto (gets scared) like the HVAC fan and andaar, complete with requisite drama effects like shuddering and gasping.

Planes(a.k.a airplane book) – The book is in tatters now. Tired of reading it over and over again, I once told him Jet engines are like big fans. A big fan of fans that he is, he certainly got a kick out of that information. The jet trails were clouds at the beginning, but they slowly became the airplane doing pee-pee. Actually, that explains a lot. If you can do pee-pee in the sky, why bother with a potty?

I Spy Little Wheels (a.k.a I Spy Book) – This is also a personal favorite. It’s a treasure hunt. Chip has outgrown this book a little, so the Spy value is a bit lost now, but he still sits with the book and looks at other interesting objects and there are tons of those.

Too Big For Diapers (a.k.a. Ernie diapee book) – His Highness enjoys reading this book on the throne.

My First Truck Board Book (a.k.a. Truck Book, what else?) – An all time favorite. Nothing but trucks and tractors and construction equipment of every kind.

My Little Counting Book (a.k.a. Haath Book) – He learnt colors, not counting from this book! Oh! Well.

Special Mention:
Space Odessey 2001 – He had been obsessed with this book for a while. Partly because I had been reading it a few months ago; mostly because it has a picture of the moon on it. He demanded that I read it aloud, so it was condensed to PG-rated five lines sans the evil computer.

Other favorite reads are: Baby Colors, Elmo’s ABC, My big book of Nursery Rhymes, scouring the store flyers for mowers and fans, starts and moon, backs of CDs and DVDs and cereal boxes not to mention the body wash bottles when he is sitting on the throne.


Kodi's Mom said...

lol! Chip is quite a reader - back of shampoo bottles!! K sees anything with a picture and launches off into 'tell me a story about that..' mode :)

I think we may have read the planes book - not sure, but we definitely like Byron Barton - simple books that leave a mark.

Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! So Chip's a bathroom reader, is he? Moppet prefers live entertainment when she's doing her business. So all her bath toys end up drowning in the washbasin accompanied by dramatic sound effects provided by yours truly. Sigh! The things we have to do...

DotMom said...

K's mom: I like simple books too at this age..there were some books Chip just didn't like..may I should blog about that too one day.

moppet's mom: yesh.. he learnt it from his mom and dad ;)