Monday, August 6, 2007

Troy and Bourne Again

What a wonderful weekend this was. Apart from the fact that Aie left, it was wonderful. Since we won’t be having another movie date till Christmas eve at least, BigGeek and I decided the see the Bourne Ultimatum on Friday while Aie babysat Chip. I am glad I suffer from memory loss of sorts because I had completely forgotten how the third book ended. I am a sucker for action movies and armed with a ginormus (and criminally overpriced) bag of popcorn, we spent the best two hours we had done in a while. I am not going to give away the movie, but it is one of the best triquels I have seen. And of course, Matt Damon rocks.

By Saturday noon, I was done with all laundry- folded and put away, ran some errands –buying more underwear for Chip, since his daycare throws away chaddis with poopy accidents. Came back home to a nice dinner and another movie – Troy. I am a sucker for period films- Gladiator is my personal favorite. I love the costumes and the sets (and often hate the lines, especially when they speak with an accent which is supposed to be a pseudo-foreign language) Big Geek opened up the laptop and gave me all the ancillary bits and pieces to the epic which I thought was a wonderful way to see a movie like Troy - a 360 degree experience.

John Lennon once said. “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” I strive to have the perfect life. Cooking wholesome meals, meaningful time spent with BigGeek and Chip, going on vacations, catching up on my reading list, gardening, going out with friends. But every once in a while, a shadow of doubt crosses the mind. Is it enough? Can more be done? Is it all in vain? And every once in a while, a small, insignificant incident not only answers all these questions, but for some reason makes a lasting impression. Like last night after dinner. BigGeek, Chip and I dug into a big bowl of watermelon while catching on the Sunday newspaper. My face was hidden by the comics page when BigGeek brought a fork with a big juicy piece of water melon and said, “A sweet delivery for you!” As I chomped away at the fruit, both BigGeek’s and my face hidden, Chip pokes his face from under the newspaper, and with a sly smile and a twinkle in his eyes, goes, “Ay, ay, ay!!”


Anonymous said...

First time here. Great blog.
Our lives seem eerily related..I am a bioinformatics analyst ..I have 2 boys and my mom is a school teacher!


DotMom said...

Thanks. Is this a coding sequence, of some kind :P

Anonymous said...

I am more of an 'informatics' kind of gal and am just begining to learn the 'bio' part ;)
how is Chip handling aaji's departure? and how are you doing?