Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanks for all the fish!

Thanksgiving is about two things. Food and Shopping. (Apart from actually giving thanks and it is pretty obvious what I was thankful for this year, so let’s just skip that bit.) And we did both of that in plenty this weekend. Since we were hosting Thanksgiving this year, I planned a Thanksgiving with a French twist. Everything was made from scratch (except stuffing), everything was heart healthy. I wish I had taken pictures, but we were all so hungry, we just devoured.

The Menu

Turkey Breast with Garlic and Sage Stuffing
Cranberry Sauce
Roasted Vegetable Terrine with Lite Goat Cheese and hand shelled pumpkin seeds
Sesame Broccoli
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Creamed Spinach
Pilaf with Golden Raisins.
Roasted Red Pepper Spread
Ravenswood Zinfandel 2005

Apple Galette for Dessert.

So here are snippets of our Thanksgiving day and Black Friday.

Chat, exchange gifts. I get an awesome culinary book of appetizers from Williams and Sonoma. Chip gets an awesome arcade basketball hoop. Mom gets bath stuff, BigGeek gets wine.
Peruse Store Flyers for Black Friday deals
Supper – avocado sandwiches and potato-leek soup. Eat awesome pumpkin bread made by aunt in law.
Hindi Movie – Mujse Shaadi karogi (got this at the County library, can you believe it?)
More Store Flyers
Shopping Lists
Set Alarm for 5:00 am

Get up at 6:00 am, wake up mom and aunt-in-law

Aunt in law takes rain check, Mom and self head out to stores for early bird and doorbuster specials.

Buy $5 character pajama sets for Chip, $3 crock pots and coffee makers. Buy $17 Corelle sets for mom (who refuses to buy anything else nicer from say, Williams and Sonoma)
Get angry because the Estee Lauder $250 gift set is not free with a purchase of $29.95 but they are selling it for $48.00 on a purchase of $29.95.

Restrain self from going into Bodyshop and splurging to get over Estee’s betrayal.

Head home to feed Chip his breakfast and others too.

Feed and eat breakfast, shower and head out 40 mins away to outlet malls, specifically Corelle Outlet to beat the deal we just got.

Get better deal at outlet. Aunt in law and mom are elated and do a victory dance. (OK. They didn’t do a victory dance, but that’s because they don’t know how)

Mom buys a pair of jeans from Liz Claiborne, Self buys cable knit and cords from Ralph Lauren. BigGeek is hungry and thinks we are crazy and refuses to buy a nice sweater. Aunt in law buys tons of stuff from RL.

Realize I should have worn sneakers. The boots are K-I-L-L-I-N-G me. Look at heels. I have managed to wear them out with 6 hours of extreme shopping. Eat a sandwich and a salad. Feed Chip candy to prevent him from bawling out.

BigGeek offers to take Chip home. Other males decide likewise. The three female shoparriors are still undefeated. Head next door to IKEA. Shop in their market place for silly things like juice glasses and frothers. Realize its 6:00 pm. Check out and head back to the car. Realize its BigGeek’s and has no GPS. No idea how to get home.

Call BigGeek. He asks “Are you still at IKEA?” Trick question. Quickly reply no and prepare for outrage. Strangely what comes from the other end is a “OK, because if you were, I would have given you a turn by turn how to get out.” Yipee!!

Reach home. Make a quick din-din of Khichadi and Kadhi. Open a v-e-r-y nice bottle of Tarara 2003 Reserved Cabernet Franc. Load Dishwasher and retire with a heating pad. Everything aches.


ddmom said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. We had grand plans of waking up at 4:00 AM, take turns to go shopping, leaving the kids home and be done with it by 9:00 AM. Right, my daughter woke us up at 8:30.. Husband managed to hit the furniture store at 12:00, only to wait in line for 1/2 hour and get to know they ran out of stock.

TG menu is mouth-watering.. Khichadi at the end of a long day is the best, aint it?

Preethi said...

wow.. sounds like you had a really long and fun day!!!! Now I am thinking "why din't I hit the outlet mall?"... I never think of it!!!

GettingThereNow said...

All in all - a VERY fun day!

We just slept in and teased all our friends endlessly the night before about how we were going to R-E-L-A-X!! We actually did head out briefly only because we had to go to a wedding and I didn't have anything to wear to it. Apart from the dress (and other "related" stuff like a coffee mug) we bought only one more thing - a 2GB USB flashdrive for $15 with a $7 mail-in rebate. YAY!! for saving monnnay!! :D

Seriously, I can't wait for the time when our credit cards are all paid off and I can splurge on Black Friday :(

Kodi's Mom said...

LOL! what a frenzy... and the menu? seriously cooked from scratch?...everything (except turkey) sounds Delicious...ok I am inviting myself over for your next year's. :)

and the shopping - good kills :)

Sue said...

I love Corelle!

Oh and your shopping sounds like so much fun. You have special sales for Thanksgiving, then?

DotMom said...

ddmom: hahaha. there is always the next year. and yeah, nothing beats khichadi!

preethi: that's where I always shop!

gtn: you are wearing a coffee mug to a wedding? you'll be cold :) good buy the flash drive!

kodi's mom: no, its your turn to do the hosting now :D

sue: so does my mom. I love it because Chip can't chip it. hehehe. I am more of a tuscan earthernware types. And special sales is an understantement. Black Friday is an event.

RJ said...

love your and your family's enthusiasm for shopping.

~nm said...

Hahaha...what a day! I would love to have such days of shopping fiestas too!!

choxbox said...

LOL at 'feed chip candy to prevent bawling' and 'everything aches'! awed by the menu.

Squiggles Mom said...

I'm so impressed by the menu, not to mention the wine. Sounds like a feast!
That was a nice idea, sending the men back home so you could shop some more... hmmmm. Why haven't I thought of that before?

JV said...

that is awesome. we did some of that as well, we went to the Camarillo outlet mall.

DotMom said...

rj: hahaha. yeah.. thank god its only once a year.

~nm: they are so much fun, aren't they?

choxbox: yeah, i'll edit that bit when Chip is old enough to read this :)

squiggles mom: one tries :) I never take BigGeek shopping. It's a hassle.

jv: welcome! and good for ya!

Shobana said...

Sounds like you guys got some amazing stuff. We stood in the check out line at Kohl's for a couple of hours and that was it. We just put aside all other plans to go to the outlet stores. Now I wish I did go.

All Adither said...

My gosh you're organized.

All Adither

DotMom said...

shobana: yeah, the lines are checkout can be brutal. we lucked out there!

all adither: thanks!

Mystic Margarita said...

Wow! Your TG dinner was so yummmmmyy - you must be a great cook! And the shopping fever got to you, too! R went shopping this year...without me, of course, coz I was home with the baby. Maybe next year...nah...who am I kidding? I am too lazy to get up that early :)

Parul said...

wow - seriously you cooked all that? I didnt know you cooked at all...and that menu sounds quite a toughie! Wish there were pics of you guys doing all this...