Friday, November 30, 2007

Wine, Woman and Song - Part Troix

And now for the finale. Classical-Hindustani-Vocalist meets Head-banging-metal-head. The result? Why, its Chip, ofcourse. Chip’s musical tastes are complex and ummm... developing. Being two crazy music buffs, there was no question we would inculcate our progeny with love for music, if he was not already born with the said love or more correctly the music gene. The question was which music. No Baby Mozart and Baby Bach and Baby Handel and Baby whatever-other-composer you can think of for him, declared BigGeek. I concurred. After all, no Bach, Mozart or Pachelbel was ever written solely for babies’ ears. Regular CDs of Bach and Mozart and Pachelbel from our collection would do just fine. As would Kishori Amonkar and Mallikarjun Mansur. I said. As would Dreamtheater and Symphony X, he continued. Wait. What? Nononononononono. I shook my head vigorously from side to side. Embryonic ears are way too immature to fully comprehend the complex intricacies of the prog-metal genre, I said in my nicest, soothing voice, gently rubbing by bulging belly. (Read: Our baby will be born deaf if he is subjected to the decibel levels of heavy metal in-utero, so, it’s off limits in my presence). True, said BigGeek buying what I had just said. But he can enjoy the rhythms, that’s all they can really hear inside their fluid filled home. Higher frequencies get attenuated when transmitted through fluid, you know. Thus spake BigGeek.

I wasn’t quite happy with this. And I complained. To my MIL, and to his MIL and whoever would listen. But BigGeek would not hear of it. And Chip was fed a daily dose of the classics (on my daily 2 hour + commute) and prog-metal when I was with BigGeek at home. So much so, that BigGeek asked me if I wanted to go to a Steve Vai concert at one of my favorite auditoriums (think jazz café atmosphere). I shook my head. I was eight months pregnant. “But you love the bread pudding there.” I was sold. We went with our friends and I brought an extra coat along to put on my belly incase the decibel levels reached baby-unfriendly proportions. And expectedly, Chip started to move a lot – I thought he was jumping and getting startled with the all the noise and we decided to go home.

It was only when Chip was about 9 months old that I realized otherwise. Chip loved heavy metal and hard rock. He first clapped his tiny hands to Deep Purple. He cried out in utter glee and clapped them happily as the opening riffs to Smoke on the water blasted from the speakers. He head banged to Dream Theater and LTE and Steve Morse. And when he learnt to speak, which was the first song he sang? David Lee Roth’s Shyboy. For all the Bach I made him listen to, this is what I get. Yet, I like to think he likes Bach and all Baroque music. He falls asleep instantly. So maybe not all hope is lost.


Orchid said...

are u sure there isn't more to this chip dude..just when I was starting to love this end it!..boy he is mighty cute...can totally imagine a head banging infant :)

Sahithi's Mom... said...

Boy oh Boy... I am trying to Imagine chip doing all this....and all that come to mind is an adorable cute chip :):)

You have your hands completly full Dotmom..:):):)

Preethi said...

WOW.. Head banging eh??!!! Uh-oh heavy metal at 9 months?!! You do have a long noisy way ahead dont you (and dont let chip know i said "noise" i am sure he will disagree!)

Kodi's Mom said...

I can't believe you went to a metal concert at 8m pregnant!!! when I was 8m preggo, DH took me to a surprise blue mans group show and I thought that was too noisy. covered up belly with jacket (it was summer!) - kid in utero was up all night after that!!! but Chip takes the cake at falling asleep to bach :D

So after part deux and troix is it safe to say Chip takes after his dad? ;)

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

You have one precocious toddler! Going by all the 3 parts, you have lot of trouble waiting for you as he grows up.

Sahithi's Mom... said...


mnamma said...

I don't know if you already did this tag but just to let you know: "you are tagged"

mnamma said...

Hey DotMom,
Just came back from Sahithi's Mom's page and looks like she also tagged you on the same topic - to list 7 random/weird facts about you

choxbox said...

wow :)

Suki said...

That Chip has awesome musical taste, must say! Ah, if only he could teach me to headbang without hurting my shoulders to infinity! :D

Don't fret, he'll probably grow up and fall in love with a form of music that is being born RIGHT NOW. :)

Baby and I agree that with his tastes in Trance and Metal, and mine in Indian classical, our kid will probably grow up and become a blues, jazz or Western Classical lover :P.
Way to go, Chip!

dipali said...

Amazing Chip! Lovely to read all three parts- may we ask for more?

Rohini said...

What a lovely series. You've got quite a ladykiller on your hands :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Chip has all the makings of a true blue Dude:)wine,women and appreciation for hard rock. Dot mom,you got to watch out on this young genius:):)Loved your three series!!

ddmom said...

Heavy metal at 9 months!! He sure rocks. Read Part-2, still laughing out loud.. He is just too good.
So what if he is not even 3 years old, age ain't matter for genius. kiddo knows exactly what he wants.

DotMom said...

orchid: there is, there is

sahiti's mom: I do, don't I?

preethi: lol

kodi's mom: I wanna see BMG too!

anitha: his dad can take care of him then :)

choxbox: that's it? LOL

suki: next time, you babysit him!

dipali: nononono. ia m exhausted putting up with this..

rohini: thanks! he sire is a mom-killer:)

fuzzy: but he is also a nerd :(

ddmom: that he does:)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Suki directed me here..looks like my Munchkin is going to be treading the same path..he loves champagne and gangster rap-hopefully the 'women' part is still 13 years away!

DotThoughts said...

themunchkinblog: wecome to Karma Calling! Champage and rap, huh ? :)