Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wine, Woman and Song - Part Un

If you are looking at the title and are not quite sure what to expect, read on. This is about Chip and his passions. In order. Not a day passes without Chip alluding to all three of the above mentioned..umm..things.

Wine is an absolute favorite. Although tempted, I haven’t given him a six ounce in his plastic yellow lion cup yet, but that does not deter my budding oenophile from asking for some vino. First thing in the morning. In his pajamas, rubbing his bleary, crusty eyes he announces in his Minglish. “Aie, I want wine pahijey (want).” And the games start.

DotMom: “Does Chip drink wine?”.
Chip: “Yes?.”
DotMom: “No! He doesn’t. Do you have dadhi-misha (beard and a moustache)?”
Chip: “No.”
DotMom:“Let’s drink your milk instead.”
Chip:“Wine glass madhye (in wine glass)?”.

Two hours later. Bubble Bath Time.
Chip: “Aie, Aie look” Points to his upper lip.
DotMom: “What’s that?”
Chip:”It’s dadhi-misha (beard and moustache).”
Chip has smeared the bubbles from his bath on his cheek and upper lib and is preening.
DotMom (not getting the point): Yay!!
Chip (gleefully): “Chip dadhi misha. Aie, I want wine pahijey”

Two hours later, play time.
DotMom: “Where are you Chip?”
Chip: “Ithe” (spinning himself silly on the chair in the study)
DotMom:What are you doing?
Chip: “Abhyas (studying).”
DotMom: “What Abhyas?”
Chip (now typing with one hand, phone in the other, imitating BigGeek): “Compiter abhyaas..Aie, ek beer pahijey.”
DotMom: “What did you just say? Does Chip drink beer?”
Chip: “Baba peeto (drinks)?”
DotMom: “But Chip doesn’t. You have to be as tall as Baba and you have to be 21 years old.”

A few weeks ago, when the MIL was visiting, I made some cocktails for her. Now they look like juices, so when I told Chip he could not have them, he was puzzled. It has alcohol, I explained. Beer, wine, scotch, cocktails, they all have alcohol. So he can’t drink them until he is all grown up. I said. That was a mistake in hindsight. So, now that he knows what alcohol is, being told a shrillion times, he has just skipped to the chase. He simply asks for alcohol now.

Part Deux and Part Trois follow.


RJ said...

wow already a wine lover! LOL
Looking forward to woman lover part.

Preethi said...

lol.. already??!!! looking forward to the next part of your title... Nantu says when I am an adult I will drive a car and drink beer... I do hope its in that order and not vice versa!!

GettingThereNow said...

LOL!! A kid who has his priorities right!


Looking forward to parts two and three.

GettingThereNow said...

BTW, I am impressed that you are teaching him his boundaries (no wine until he grows up and such). I have seen a friend give her son grape juice in a glass saying it was wine when he asked for it. That, in my opinion, is plain wrong. He isn't being taught that certain things and acts have to be age-appropriate.

Shobana said...

LOL! A budding wine connoisseur you have.

DotMom said...

rj: can you believe it?

preethi: gosh.. i don't know what we will do oonce the kids are old enough to drive.

gtn: Chip does have an acrylic wine glass, but he knows he gets juice in it. I don't want to fool him and make him loose trust. It's harder this way. I also don't like the idea of telling kids that any kind of alcohol is "medicine". That's fooling them (and they don't really get fooled) another way. I remember the medicine line used to make me very angry because i knew it was untrue. kids know more than they let on.

shobana: hope he grows up and makes enough money to indulge in such expensive tastes :D

mnamma said...

LOL on the 'dadhi misha' with bubbles. Waiting for part 2 and 3 :)

Kodi's Mom said...

LOL! he is terribly smart :) and persistent! look forward to the woman and song part - sounds like a promising trilogy. ;)

Mystic Margarita said...

LOL!! Waiting with bated breath for Part Deux and Part Trois :)

ddmom said...

He is one smart kid, what did you expect? LOL! Can't wait for the woman and song part.

D has asked for wine so many times, I got tired of telling her she is too young for it. She almost immediately steps on the weighing machine and says, 'I am a big girl. How tall AM ARE'.
Now I tell her it's papa's drink[I don't] and it takes like mircha. These days she spots him with a glass of wine, she asks - You like micha papa? When i will be big girl, then I can drink micha juice.

dipali said...

Smart li'l Chip! I like your approach. Eagerly awaiting the next instalment:)

Parul said...

hey is Chip taking up the finding out tag? I am certain he will write it really really well!!

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

LOL! I can't believe he remembers things for so long and is so persistent. At this rate, I guess he won't let go of it soon without tasting it. Hope he does not accidentally discover it and take things into his own hands.

Orchid said...

:)...a few days back, Li'l A asked too and very hopefully as well, I just told him to try back in 17 yrs!!
And u are so right..they will finally settle for the wine glass, what's with that i wonder??

DotMom said...

mnamma: she pretends to shave everyday with his Baba's shaver. He can't wait to get em.

kodi's mom: persistence thy name is Chip. he wears me out.

mystic: soon :)

ddmom: hahahaha. they all want what the grown ups are drinking.

dipali: yeah.. can't imagine what'll happenw ehn he goes to college.

parul: i am thinking. too much personal info.. i need to find a way to put a spin on it :)

anitha: he will go to bed at night with something in his mind and will get up in the morning and will start where he left off.

orchid: hahaha. good answer!

choxbox said...

ultra cute! i love the 'i want wine pahijey'!