Friday, February 29, 2008

Top Ten Countdown

Courtsey Juxtaposition.

10 things you wish you could say to people right now (don't list names)
1. Stop being so shifty when you talk to me.
2. Do you know my brain is turning into a sponge here?
3. Please don’t ask me why I am not having another kid.
4. Will you call me when you say you will?
5. I can’t believe I am not going to see you for three weeks.
6. Thank god I don’t have to see you for three weeks.
7. It just is going to be you and me for three weeks.
8. Does it actually hurt to be nice to other people?
9. I need a raise.
10. Never mind, I’ll do it myself

9 Things About Yourself
1. I have a fondness for blue cheese.
2. I plan to pull out the junipers in our front yard this summer.
3. I like 80’s pop. Culture Club, Duran Duran. But I am usually embarrassed to admit that.
4. I cannot step out of the house without some makeup.
5. I am afraid of heights.
6. Jesu, Joy of man’s desiring always brings tears to my eyes.
7. I am a libertarian. No pinko socialist c*** for me thankyouverymuch.
8. I fret. And worry.
9. I am trying to find my faith.

8 Ways To Win Your Heart
1. Be nice to everybody.
2. Laugh with me and make me laugh.
3. Be assertive.
4. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
5. Be philosophical.
6. Be a warrior inside.
7. Have a passion.
8. Be rich ;-)

7 Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot
1. Will BigGeek be OK?
2. Will BigGeek be OK?
3. Will BigGeek be OK?
4. Will BigGeek be OK?
5. Will BigGeek be OK?
6. Will BigGeek be OK?
7. Will BigGeek be OK?

6 Things You Wish You Never Did
1. Fret.
2. Bite my nails.
3. Go on frequent guilt trips.
4. Cry.
5. Be unreasonable.
6. Compromise

5 Turn-Off's
1. No imagination.
2. Dishonesty.
3. Lack of common courtesies.
4. No desire to learn.
5. Shallow.

4 Turn-On's
1. Good conversationalist.
2. Renaissance Man.
3. Twinkling eyes.
4. Enthusiastic.

3 Things You Want To Do Before You Die
1. Run a ten miler or a half marathon
2. Get Rich
3. Be Happy.

2 Smileys that Describe You
1. :-P
2. ;-)

1 Confession
I lie.

Passing it to noon, Preethi and moppet's mom


rayshma said...

wow! kewl one... i feel like flicking it off and doing it.. hehee... but i'm not to blog for a while now.. :(

I love Lucy said...

Nice list!
Life will never be the same right after the little scare courtesy BigGeek.I know the feeling,I constantly worry about my mom.But you know what,it WILL be fine and he WILL be ok.

raindrop said...

Trashy 80's music, heck, me too! Don't be ashamed, it's everybody's dirty little secret. I'd be libertarian too, except I can't stand the general propensity of certain libertarians to oppose gun control and support absurdly racist 'IQ correlated with wealth of nations' theories.

And BigGeek sounds like the perfect male. Does he have brothers/clones?

Anonymous said...

Lovely and Big Geek is ok and will be ok !!,

Preethi said...

Oh God DM.. I started listing everything we had in common and for a minute I was like whoa.. did she write about me... hehe!!! We definitely are pinkie friends after this :P

Don't worry Big Geek will be ok!! :)
Will take up the tag in a while.. but I am planning a long vacation.. so the break.. will be sporadic in blogging for a while now.. will do a post on that!! :)

raindrop said...

I'm sure you're keeping a close eye on BigGeek's exercise regimen and his diet. He'll be fine, and I hope it's a quick recovery.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

For 10/5 - Gonna miss you too :(
Neat post!

Won't ask you not to worry. But I will say this - you are one heck of a woman with amazing courage!
You're doing so well being on top of it all. BigGeek has recovered so well...! Sending Happy thoughts your way :)

GettingThereNow said...

*Hugs* for No. 7

Yes he is going to be OK - because he is already taking good care of his health (from what I have read in your posts) and you are helping him in every way you can (again - judging from your posts).

No. 1 - You lie? Or you lied (somewhere in this post)? :P

Know how you must feel for 10/3.

9/9 - Really? Why do I feel I have read one post on your blog that gave me an idea that you had already found it and were very secure in the knowledge? By the way - me too!

karmickids said...

*hugs for point no 7* He will. Dont worry.

Itchingtowrite said...

the 10 things was cool! and big geek will be ok

noon said...

Hi Dotmom - it's been crazy here...hardly time to make a normal post let alone tags about myself which I find quite hard to do somehow!
Anyways - Hugs to you on No.7. I can imagine how that will be the top thing on your mind...praying for his good health (and all of yours as well of course).
Not sure if you have left - have a safe trip without any sickness or flight delays! Look forward to your posts after you get back...

Rohini said...

Love the confession ;-)

Sue said...

He'll be ok. He's young, he is scared and realises just how traumatic the experience was for you and Chip. So I'm sure he's being as careful as he can.

Trishna said...


Mona said...

hey you, long time, no post. hope all's well with you and BG and Chip?

choxbox said...

hey all okay, you've bin away for a while..

Orchid said...

he will be o.k.
made a pit stop couldn't resist...the move and other things keep me occupied, these days

Swati said... mean you lied in the post ..WHERE ???

rayshma said...

hope all's well with u guys... been a while... tk care!

Vinita said...

Kai ga lihaycha sodlas ka kai? Ka chip halli kahi uchapatich karat nahi?

Rohini said...

Hey! Long time no post... hope all is well?!

mummyjaan said...

Awww, you haven't given up blogging, have you?

Chip is tagged.

Usha said...

Hello! on vacation? you are missed both here and at mine. :)

Trishna said...

Hey Long time no posts?are you on a vacation? the trip u once wrote about?
Miss reading your posts :)
Come back soon