Friday, May 9, 2008


That’s what puts me in for my Mommy job. For all the trouble I take, I expected 6 figures, but no. Oh well. At least Chip and BigGeek think I am priceless.

We don’t have anything special planned this mother’s day. I already got my PS3 and Rockband as a mother’ day + upcoming birthday gift all rolled into one. My in laws are visiting and they arrived yesterday. When I told my mother-in-law last night that Sunday is mother’s day, she said “Aila, you all celebrate mother’s day?” Happily ofcourse. I told her to name what she wanted and she said she wanted a new Glucometer. I shook my head. “That’s not an indulgence. We are getting a new Glucometer anyway.” I think I will take my mom-in-law out for a movie or to the salon or shopping – whatever she wants to do. I told BigGeek that he should be doing something special for his mom, but he has happily delegated the task to me. And truth be told, I am happy about it. My mom-in-law and I always enjoy our shopping trips sans her kid and mine. They both whine the minute they see stores that don’t sell computer parts or electronics. So she and I are both guaranteed to have a whale of a time by ourselves. Ever since Chip was born, my mom had always been here for mother’s day. The first year I was a week away from delivering, so we just took her out to dinner. The next year, we shopped, last year we saw Ratatouille, which was lots of fun. This year it’s the mother-in-law. So the mother’s day party continues.

It’s also my father-in-law’s 70th birthday tomorrow. I plan to bake a cake of course. A chocolate-orange bundt. Fat-free and Egg-free. We also leave for Connecticut/NYC tomorrow morning. I am crossing my fingers it doesn’t rain too much. Or rather it rains back home, so GND won’t have to water my garden and doesnot rain where we are headed.

So on that note, adios and Happy Mother’s day to all you hard-working moms. Oh, and what plans have your SOs and kids made for you? Tell me, I am listening.


Ananva said...

hey, I am leaving for NYC tomorrow morning as well! It's not supposed to rain on Sat and Sun but the rest of the week in NYC is not that good it seems. Glad to hear that your mil is so cool (did she actually say aila?). Have a great Mother's Day!! I am looking forward to eating chicken samosas at the Spice Market and the Indian-Chinese food on Lexington Ave.

DotThoughts (the artist formerly known as DotMom) said...

yup, she did say aila :) she is pretty cool. you must see her when she gets into her element :) have a great trip to NYC. we are there only on sunday for a wedding.

I love Lucy said...

Heres wishing you a very happy mother's day!!
Enjoy your trip and have lots of fun at the wedding!!

Timepass said...

Have a nice trip. Advance Bday wishes.

GettingThereNow said...

So good to hear about a MIL-DIL duo that's not ready to kill each other :P I'd really like ot meet your MIL. And then I'd like her to meet MY MIL. You think it is possible??


I don't know if J and S have made any Mother's day plans for me. S probably has something prepared for me. If she remembers it is mother's day, that is :P And maybe I'll use one of the coupons she gave me "Good for one breakfast in bed" type. And we are going ot a friend's place to give HIM a surprise birthday party. HE thinks we are getting together for Mother's day. Tee Hee!

DotThoughts (the artist formerly known as DotMom) said...

I love lucy: thanks! Sent you an IM..

timepass: thanks, girl!

GTN: my MIL is very gentle. Everybody just runs her over all the time. Good reverse surprise for J:) Am sure he will enjoy it a LOT.

ddmom said...

Advanced Happy Birthday. Hope you have a blast.
Someone thinks you are worth $158,071.20. Check my lastest post :)

Orchid said...

happy moms day to you too!
'appy shoppin'
come over and read how my weekend's startin' to shape up!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Have a great trip...and a good drive...
I'd better stop by later today to check out your "rockBand" and get my watering/fish-feeding 101.

Your MIL is very cool indeed! You make a good pair, the two of you!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

...and, Happy Mother's Day!

Suki said...

Happy Mother's Day, Dottie!

Usha said...

Happy mother's day! And so many things to celebrate all in one weekend - have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Now, you are a daughter in law :) !!It is so nice to see such pleasant interactions between inlaws and you are blessed from both sides, in the sense you and your mother in law seem to be nice enough to get along !! - kudos !!

Mona said...

happy mother's day dotthoughts! :)
i don't know what z has planned, i wonder if he even remembers.
right now i'm still struggling with what do for my mum.

~nm said...

So what all shopping you two mommy's did?

Good that you and MIL can have so much fun together!!

Poppins said...

Oh so cool. I had a blast for Mother's day. It was also my MIL's bday so we went out for lunch (all of us) Later I dropped in to my mom's place and just chilled at home.

And yeah I baked a cake too, except it was chocolate. No gifts though, you think I should hint for one? ;)

Something to Say said...

Happy Mother's Day - and Happy birthday in advance!!
and its awesome that you have planned a lil outing - just for the mothers...high- five to you!!

DotThoughts (the artist formerly known as DotMom) said...

ddmom: thanks mucho! your post was such an ego boost :)

orchie: I will right away now :)

gnd:hope you had an awesome mom's day. will touch base this evening!

suki: thanks suki.. you are the sweetest!

usha: thanks.. happy mom's day to you too!

taamommy: lol. yeah.. I guess we both did luck out. Also, the distance helps.

mona: I am sure Z eill remember!

~nm: argh.. nothing much. got some planters, stuff for Chip's birthday!

poppins: how awesome.. so many taureans! I totally think you should hint for a nice gift :)

sts: high-five dudette! hope you had a great day too!