Thursday, May 22, 2008


First, apologies. For not writing about this before. Thank you, Mummyjaan, K3 and I Love Lucy . I am honored. To have people reading your blog is gratifying, but to be thought of nice is uplifting indeed.

This is what they have to say about me. Mummyjaan thinks I am one of the “Lovely and kind people in blog-world”. Mummyjaan, I think is one of the most level headed people I have met. Very balanced and objective. She’s a smart cookie, that one. It’s been a pleasure knowing you. K3 thinks I am “polite and kind” and this is what I have to say to her -woman, you have to meet me while I am driving. I met K-3 while where we planning for the mega baby shower and boy I met such an effusive person and an awesome geek. I mean who titles their posts standard deviation? Full of enthusiasm and warmth and it reflects on her blog. I love lucy thinks I am honest and sophisticated. All I am going to say here is that it takes one to know one J I have been reading I love lucy’s blog for sometime now and have always found her to be no-frills. Very sincere. There is a charming simplicity about her which is such a rare find in this century. We have talked offline too and she always strikes me as someone I could have totally hung out with in college.

And now passing on this award. This is what the creator of the award says about it-

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

Dipali – She is someone I would like to turn into as I grow older. Full of good old fashioned, down to earth wisdom, which she shares freely. A very long time ago she wrote me a warm, thoughtful email when BigGeek was recovering. And we barely knew each other back then. Since then I have enjoyed her blog – especially the bits about NYC and tales from her childhood.

Sue – I see so much of me in her. She always stirs the quiescent bohemian in me. Candid and direct. Artsy. She should have been living in Paris, that one. She has a wonderful sense of style where her writing is concerned and I am always surprised (or may be I should not be) how she manages to pick an arcane reference in a post or an email and go with it.

Rayshma – Last but certainly not the least. I could adopt her. She is so full of joie de vivre. Bubbling, happy, kind, warmhearted. I look forward to her posts because they always manage set me in a positive frame of mind. She believes in herself and can’t help but pass that feeling to those who read her blog. So Rayshma, if you ever have a daughter, I am promising Chip to her (if she wants Chip of course)

Here’s your award, ladies. Enjoy.


I love Lucy said...

Kinder words have never been spoken :)
Its been a pleasure getting to know you as well,Dottie.I absolutely love the fact that you have such an interesting personality and the fact that you are a mommy is one of many aspects to your personality.It is not all encompassing and thats awsome.
You read my mind about how we would have totally hung out if we had known each other in college!
Its never too late now though...I am so looking forward to meeting you sometime soon :)
Heres to us Taureans!!

Orchid said...

and that's precisely why u deserve the award.....ur warm and thoughtful words about others speaks to niceness!
and hey, i get to meet i love lucy, hopefully soon, isn't that cool??

DotThoughts said...

I love lucy: come to dc, come to DC. we have free museums and Chip provides non stop entertainment :)

orchie: no fair. I want to come to the party too.. nobody invites me these parties :( where is altoid when I need her?

dipali said...

Thank you so much for those really really kind and generous words, Dottie. I am truly humbled by the circle of love I have found on the blogosphere.

K 3 said...

hee hee, Me a geek!!? I have to show this post to my honey! :)

BTW, when are u coming to bay area - lets meet & race! We can see who gets the 'finger' first! ;)

*** evil grin ***

DotThoughts said...

dipali: Ditto!

K-3: Bay area came and went :) got back this morning. was supposed to meet/call ddmom and could not do that either.

karmickids said...

How lovely. What a nice post.
And now *she pouts* why is it that no one considered me worthy of this award from the entire bloggy universe.
*boohooo, and sulking some*

rayshma said...

i am really out of words right now. i come back after a chaotic month to this. honestly, ur words mean a LOT to me, dottie.
i promise u... and here it's documented... if i have a daughter... i'll make sure she marries chip. even if it means me having to groom her to seduce him! ;)