Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fruits of my labor...

and leaves and pods and shoots and tubers!!!!
A few pictures from my kitchen garden this summer!

**Fixed the comments section**

Strawberries (unripe) and Cilantro sprouts

Methi and Spring Onions

Lettuce and Potato (flowers)

Cucumbers and Ichiban Eggplant

Tender Green bean on the bush and Bell Pepper flowers

Radishes and Green Beans

Cucumber, Chives, Lettuce, Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes (on the vine!!)

Beefsteak Tomatoes (still green) and Sweet Basil

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt. ~Author Unknown


DotThoughts said...

There was a glitch with commets. Fixed it.

Squiggles Mom said...

Ah... that's why I was finding it difficult to comment.
I was gobsmacked when I saw the pics (of course clearly I have recovered now :)). Was thinking of actually taking the brave step and emailing you instead...but hah!
You're going to be having some yum stuff. Does Chip want to pluck out everything yet or is he managing to resist?

I love Lucy said...

All that was from your very own garden??!!!
*doffing my hat to you in admiration!*

Preethi said...

oh my you are a wonder woman.. what else do you have hidden back there.. you sure have a green thumb.. I dread getting any plants at all for fear of their lives !! :P

RJ said...

Simply beautiful! Does Chip love to pluck veggies ??

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

can i hire you for next spring ;)
so awesome!! the lettuce was awesome too, thanks!

Anonymous said...

You garden, bake, work full time what else?? - you are a wonder woman.


ddmom said...

Woman! is there anything you haven't laid your hands on? Baking, screen writing, sewing, gardening? Anything else? bring it on, we are listening..
I love gardening, even took a gardening course at a nearby community center. But, for some reason cannot keep a plant alive.. :(
Seeing potato flowers for the first time..

DotThoughts said...

squiggles mom: Thanks! Chip yanks the produce off the plants. He loves plucking red ripe strawberries. The squirrles ate a lot of the early crop, and Chip polishes the rest :)

I love lucy: Thanks! Growing veggies is east. plant in spring in a sunny location, fertilize, water and harvest. We have a heavy clay soil in our backyard and its not very sunny. So all my veggies are in containers on the deck!

preethi: thanks! veggies are easy. you can still plant beans, cukes and eggplants for a fall harvest. Plant in containers. That being said, I have had no luck with peppers. last yea got 4-5 small ones, this year, nothing so far. the tiny peppers are just dropping off :(

RJ: He almost murdered the green bean bushes from trying to pluck the beans. On two occassions brought a green tomato inside that was too immature to turn ripe. He loves watering.

GND: absolutely :) you have seen me. I make Chip water the garden :) I have 1/2 a pack of bean seeds if you want to go for a a fall harvest.

Nithu: But, not all at the same time:) Baking does take a backseat in warmer months (altough I did bake a batch of fatfree, high fiber oatnut cookies last weekend) The growing season here lasts from April to October. Its a bit of work in spring, but its good for the soul :)

ddmom: I can't sew. Let me tell you that :) I love gardening and baking. Although admisttedly I don't do well with houseplants. the poatoes are a funny story. I am growing them in trash bags from the store-bought potatoes that sprouted in the pantry. I pulled one not-so-well doing plant to see if there were any potatoes and guess what, there were two baby ones (in the picture). I'll pull the plants in fall. The potatoes flowered once in late spring with purplr flowers and now with white. I need to google. Its prolly because the store bought potatoes I planted were hybrid.

Collection Of Stars said...

WoW! Amazing. You actually grow all of them?
I would so love to have a small garden of my own someday. My grandma used to grow fruits and vegetables in our garden when we were young.
Presently, I don't even have a potted plant :(

dipali said...

Even more impressed with you, if that's possible! Enjoy the mucking around:) And the fruit and veg of your labours!

WhatsInAName said...

WOW! I am as green as those leaves there :)
Those are marvellous fruits of your labour!

Mama - Mia said...

that looks just brilliant!!

hats off to you lady!

and here i am cribbing about going to the vegetable market! sigh!



Shobana said...

Nice!!! At last our garden is showing some life **TOUCHWOOD** I didn't know potatoes that an indication of doneness or a start of growth? Our eggplant in just leafing (is that a word) no sight of the least last yr there were a couple of flowers. Wait and watch is our motto for now.

DotThoughts said...

COS: This is all grown in containers... its really easy. especially beans and cukes and eggplants. tomatoes are a bit finicky.

dipali: thanks.. you ar good for my ego :)I am a taurean to the core. Have to muck around!!

Whats in a name: thanks! it does feel nice to eat produce from your own backyard.

Mama mia: thanks! am in half a mind to convert a good part of the back alwn into a veggie garden :)

shobana: YAY!!!! another agrdener amongst us. Do put pics up of your garden and a small write up. when potatoes flower it is an indication that potatoes are growing underneath :) What is the species of the eggplant? did you grow from seed? I play seedlings from the nursery for eggplants, pepper and tomato. cukes, beans, lettuce, radish, onion, methi (and whatever else I left out) from seed.

Mystic Margarita said...

Wow! Like the others said before me, is there any end to your talents? How do you manage to find time to do all this? You are definitely a wonder woman!

Mira's mom said...

Hey, can I just say that I'm jealous!

noon said...

Dottie - I tried posting a comment - but it didn't go through yesterday (when I would have probably been the first to comment!). Incredible Dottie! Felt so good seeing these pics...that feeling of wholesome freshness! Can you do a post on how to grow these please?! Hats off to you D! You are just toooooo much!

Usha said...

Yes i struggled many times to leave a comment last time I was here. Now I have forgotten what it was.
I am in awe that you do this all by yourself. And what a pleasure it must be to eat something from your own garden.

NainaAshley said...

I'm impressed and inspired! This year at our new house I started with cherry tomatoes, basil, peppers and eggplants. Have been getting a lot of cherry tomotaoes and peppers. Apple loves to pick them. I think next year I'll do more.

DotThoughts said...

mystic: this is the end. seriosuly. I cook (bake) and garden. I prety useless when it comes to other things. Have you notice I never talk about them :) I find time because I garden only in spring. I prep the soil and sow. Nature does the rest :D

noon: sorry about the comments. You have to try eating veggies grown in the backyard. It's like getting a real taste of what veggies ought to be. I'll do a post. Although be warned, its all nature's work :)

usha: sorry about that. a new blogger feature taht turned out to be buggy. Its not a lot of work, really. I have been lucky this year too. We are getting good rain, so infrequent watering is working out.

naina: please, please share the secrest of growing peppers. This is my second year growing bell peppers and am having no luck. What's your secret???

PG said...

Wow! Now you are inspiring me so much! You surely have a green thumb. I, actually, just read your beautiful post on Desi Momz Club on child raising.
Although it is not my first time here, I saw these pictures of your kitchen garden. I have a garden since two years. But have only grown different herbs. Last year the slugs ate away all the things I had grown one after the other, cucumber plants, zuchini, tomatoes were all plucked away by my own dear son beafore they could even grow! (Here is hamburg it is not as sunny and warm in summers, so just the perfect weather for slugs), but this time I still dared to have tomatoes and I am keeping a good watch on these slugs. Have removed at least thirty of them already. So, I'll go now an take care of my garden a little bit. :)

Raindrop said...

Lovely mix of veggies. I love the idea of homegrown, organic veggies too, that's why I got a little patch in a community garden. You may want to check the nitrogen content of your soil. When it's high, pepper plants grow really well but this can result in low yield.

DotThoughts said...

pg: thanks for delurking and the nice words :) So sorry to hear about the slugs! Have you tried spaying the slugs with soapy water (kitchen soap + water ) or vinegar. I had slugs on radishes this year and I plucked each one (there were aatleast 25) and put them in a jug of water. They get attraced to leafy veggies. good luck on your garden. Do post pics!

raindrop: you have a community garden?? how nice! what do you grow? My plants are grown in containers and I use a low-nitrogen fertilizer. But how do you get soil testing done? I want to get it donw for our yard (which is a horribe clay soil) I am getting lots of peppers, but they all fall off. Perhaps its a root-rot issue. perhaps they don't like containers! Or the hot summer!