Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Summer Affair

Balmy Saturday morning. Post brunch. You are sitting out on the deck, a tall glass of chilled home made iced tea sweating in your hand. The flowers are in bloom, the birds nipping at the seed. Butterflies flitter about. You let out a contended sigh and pick the book you are reading. And if you aren’t reading A Summer Affair by Erin Hilderbrand, you should. Even if mile-high gas prices have put a damper on your beach vacation this year and the patio is your vacation destination, don’t fear. Through this book you will escape. From your worries, from the predictability of your routine to where else, but Nantucket.

When I picked the book it looked promising. I was all up for a harlequin romance. The book was that, but it was much more real in terms of the characters’ motivations. The story is about a glass artist and a mother of four, Claire Danner Crispin. It about the affair that she carries on while co-chairing a gala for a non-profit organization. It takes us through her present life and past, through storylines than weave in and out of Claire’s emotions. From a rocker ex-boyfriend Max West who has to be roped to perform at the gala, to her best friend and sister-in-law Siobhan, to her husband and kids and their lives and her come back to the abandoned glass blowing. It’s a good chick-lit. I was happy to know about glass blowing. I have been in a hot shop before and have seen glass blowers and it’s pretty amazing. It also offers a view of what really goes on in these black-tie type gala events. Hilderbrand has done some considerable research about politics and dynamics of non profit soirees and it was just very amusing and interesting to get a glimpse of that world.

All in all, a fun, entertaining read. For the beach or when you are sitting by the pool when you take your 3-yr old swimming (ok wading) or on those balmy Saturday mornings. You will escape in to an idyllic world in a beach community, right in your own backyard.


Anonymous said...

Aww, you make it sound so wonderful. I miss my reading, so much. Now when I take a book to read, out comes my son with one of his little books and asks me to read it to him .... not that I mind it, but sometimes miss the pleasures of reading for myself.


Mona said...

oh, you just made me want to go out and find that book. but i already have 10 i need to finish before i buy anymore.

Mama - Mia said...

sounds like just the perfect read for a lazy day! :)

loved the description... iced tea sweating in your hand!




Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

twas relaxing just reading the post! got a nice summery feeling :)

rayshma said...

sounds purrfect... :)

Preethi said...

ok I need to hit the library.. this week!! :)
Btw, come read my blog.. I made the cake!!!

DotThoughts said...

K3: I am so with you. in a few years he will be reading alongside you :)

mona: stoey of my life!!!!

mama mia: good chick-lit.

gnd: and you may borrow the book :)

rayshma: how is the budday grrl.

preethi: can't do any heavy reading in summer!! left a comment on your post :)