Monday, December 29, 2008

Time Capsule 2008

These are the things we often buy over at our household. I thought it would be fun to keep a record of prices and how things look today. I did a smilar time capsule in 2007 (see it here)

On the whole, it cheaper to drive than a year before (gas is down by almost a $1.50 since last year), but more expensive to get that cup of coffee on the road, costs more to mail a letter and read the newspaper, but less to eat healthy- organic stuff seems to be more affordable. How are prices in your part of the world?

Cheerios: $4.99(18oz)
Juice: $7.49/gal (Tropicana Orange)
Oatmeal: $4.99/42 oz, (Quaker Oats)

Milk: $5.79/gal (organic), $3.75/gal (regular)

Bread: $3.29 (Organic), $1.99(Wonderbread)
Pasta: $1.25/lb
Rice: $2.39/lb (Tilda Basmati)

Sugar: $0.53/lb
Salt: $0.69 (26 oz)
Oil: $3.74/quart (Canola)

Potatoes: $0.79/lb (regular), $0.99/lb (organic)
Apples: $1.16/lb(regular), $1.99/lb(organic)
Spinach : $1.69(regular), 2.69(organic)

Chicken: $4.99/lb
Salmon: $9.99/lb

The Washington Post: $0.50
U.S. First Class Stamp: $0.42
Cup of Coffee: $0.80
Gas: $1.58/gal (87 octane), $1.83/gal(93 octane)


Spontaneous Mini said...

Thats a cool list.
Some thinking.
But things seem cheaper at your end. Gas is expensive in the West guess that is also reflective on the rest of the Items. Chicken, potatoes, milk for one are priced higher.

noon said...

This is a great should include a picture too!

Sue said...

I don't do these comparisons because in my head I'm still living in 2002 and getting annoyed at being made to pay 2008 prices!


I'm a skinflint.

Dot-love, here's something for you:

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rayshma said...

awesome list!
happy 2009 dottie!!! i hope we can meet this coming year! :)

K3 said...

Nicely researched time capsule, dottie. Hope you have a great year ahead!