Monday, August 13, 2007

Chip's Favorite Reads

Every day we when we get home in the evening, Chip guzzles his Horlicks, but not before a little tantrum of course- because he wants to drink it on the sofa. I only have to start reading aloud from his books and the screaming, writhing creature on the floor breaks into a toothy grin and toddles over hurriedly to the dining table. Chip loves to read (I hope I haven’t jinxed this by blogging it). Even when he was a wee baby, my mom would put the colorful store flyers on the handle bar of his rocker for endless amusement – his and ours. From looking at flyers and picture books, he now is slowly graduating to narrative ones lately. These are his current favorites.

The Giving Bear (a.k.a Pooh Bear Book)– A gift from his Ajji who read it aloud to him everyday all summer. This is a great read aloud book. Simple illustrations and a few sentences on each page are perfect for his age. He was introduced to Pooh Bear with this book and he has grown to love the yellow bear to bits. The contents in Tigger’s and Piglet’s carts have been memorized. He finishes every sentence in the book. He has also learnt to share, but in a strange way. He seems to equate sharing with taking!

From Seed to Pumpkin (a.k.a. pumpkin book) – Chip loves this book. We just borrowed it from the library and Chip took to it immediately. The book is for older kids, but I simplify the story about a farmer who plants the pumpkin seeds in the spring and harvests the pumpkins in the fall. The book explains the stages of growth – roots, leaves, flowers and fruit. Chip has seen strawberries grow from flowers all summer in our strawberry pot, so I think he gets that part. I need to pull some weeds and show him what roots are.

Good night Moon (a.k.a. Moon Nee-Nee Book): We are on book# 2. We love it that much.

Ready for School (a.k.a. school book)– From the Sesame Street series. He loves looking into everybody’s lunch boxes (they have flaps). And making up stuff. Like, a monster playing ball is doing poo-poo in Chip’s mind.

More Books Tomorrow.


Kodi's Mom said...

nice. look forward to this series!

Moppet's Mom said...

I know a lot of babies who love Goodnight Moon...When I checked it out at the bookstore, it didn't seem that interesting to me. But looks like the kiddos know something that I don't...

Hope Chip's better now?

DotMom said...

Kodi's mom: you beat me to it. I have reserved chugga chugga choo choo from your list at the library.

Moppet's Mom: My sentiments exactly. I wasn't that impressed with the book at first too. But do buy it for Moppet and when you see how toddlers read, you will be amazed at how well crafted the book is. It would have been a Caldecott medal winner, hands down, had been medal been around 60 years ago.