Thursday, September 13, 2007

The man of many quirks

Winkie tagged Chip about his quirks. Chip is a little man but he is a man of many quirks. Some inherited from his Aie, most from his Baba. Here they are in a chronological order.

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The Sneeze
The first thing Chip did after he was born was to sneeze. Tired and amused then, little did I know it would later turn into a habit. After every feed, Chip sneezed. Thrice. Never more, never less. Drink milk. Sneeze. Burp. Hiccup. Repeat.

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The (cute) Head Tilt
When Chip was about 5-6 months hold, he got into this habit of tilting his head to one side when observing something intently. Nurses, me, the reflection in the mirror.

The Nose
Around the same it, he developed a strange fascination for noses. People, dolls, the neighbor’s dog. He would try and bite of every nose he could lay his eyes (rather his teeth on). He would hold a stuffed doll-cum-mitt by her nose by his teeth and shake her vigorously like a cat shaking a mouse.

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The Nose, again
He screws up his button nose when he smiles, especially when he trying to act cute.

The Spoon
Around the time he was a year old, and started to attempt to feed himself with a spoon, he developed this maddening quirk that irritates me till today, since he still has it. Over the years, the spoons I own have grown in size, style and design. I probably have 3-4 designs and 3-4 sizes. But Chip, will only accept a spoon if it is a desert spoon of a particular design. Woe befalls on someone who does not know this. When he was younger he would simply howl but now he gives a rather condescending “uh-oh” and gets down from his chair and helps himself to the correct spoon.

Shut the door, please
When coming down from upstairs Chip always shuts all the doors. I have no idea why.

No curtains
Curtains always need to be opened when Chip goes to bed. Else he will tug at them until the curtain rod threatens to come down.


Kodi's Mom said...

thanks for sharing those lovely pictures!!! the spoon thing is too cute! how neat that he'll pick it up himself w/o tantruming!!

Tharini said...

Such a cutie. I vote for the head tilt, awwww! And the condescending uh-oh and helping himself! Cool guy. :D

Thanks for following up on the tag.

Moppet's Mom said...

Oh great pictures! Loved the second one!

~nm said...

Very cute little chap he is! The nose squeeze is exactly the same as my son!

And the 'uh-oh' was funny to visualise!

Swati said...

uh-oh ...where were these cute pics mommy ? I just love them. She is such a cutie. The head tilt and the nose squeeze..i feel like hugging him :)

The spoon ,the curtain and the door are funny :)

DotMom said...

Kodi's Mom: Thanks.. but we have our share of meltdowns.

tharini: he is a ladies man..

moppett's mom: that's BigGeek's favorite too!

nm: awwwww... he must lookm cute in it!

swati: fear not. I hugged him for you :)

timepass said...

Pretty pics of Chip.. He is all set to become a perfectionist I suppose (wrt closing doors)

DotMom said...

timpass: he takes after his father. they are both going to drive me insane.

ddmom said...

cute cute pics.. second one's the best. And, he looks naughty with the button nose in the third.

mnamma said...

Very cute pictures DotMom. The crinkled nose picture is very beautiful :) Funny quirks Chip has!