Friday, September 7, 2007

The Observer

The Observer

Wandering the many parks and malls,
City streets and its halls
The curious watcher looks around
Is there no more excitement to be found?

The lights and sounds are not so new,
Extraordinary sights so far and few
Laments the watcher with a sigh
As the evening slowly draws to nigh.

Green and checkered, with frills and bows,
An infant snug in halcyon repose
A baby carriage passes by,
Not missing this curious watcher’s eye.

A look of joy draws upon his face
At last! Something worthy of a chase
Upon his visage a look of pride
He follows with a resolute stride.

Enraptured by the face so sweet
Oh! Charming baby he must meet
Thus the watcher sets his mind,
But the carriage leaves him far behind.

Crestfallen he turns away
Not knowing how or what to say
A wail is heard by the passers by
Taken aback by his plaintive cry.

To the scene a lady rushes,
Holding the watcher she gently hushes.
Yet, with a pout he flings his shoe
For the watcher is no more than two.

This is for Chip, who resolutely follows strollers and will not let go until he has said hi to the baby and later informs me, cute baby, cute baby(except he can’t say cute, so replaces he k-sound with the ch-sound with disastrous results) I am encouraging him to say chotoo baby (small baby) instead. Ever since I told him that a dear friend has a baby boy in her tummy, he wants one. Every night he comes to me and says, “Aie, Chip baby boy pahijey” (Chip wants a baby boy).

To all those kind comments and emails about Chip’s health, he is doing much better. He and BigGeek are at home today.


Gauri said...

real glad to know that lil Chip is doing better. Poor lil guy !!

mnamma said...

Nice poem Dotmom. Good to know that he is feeling better. You know what, my girls always ask me to buy them a new baby. It gets so funny sometimes :)

Tara said...

really nice work on the rhyme and meter, dotmom. I always admire a good poem! :)

Altoid said...

Hello :)

Bloghopped from Tharini's. Noticed
1. That yours and my blog template are the same(pinch!)
2. Saw from your profile and figured we're co-countyers(I just made this word up, I live in Loudoun too).

So hi, hello and namaste :)


Something to Say said...

Cool! nice lil rhyme about Chip - and his 'Cute' babies. Sonny runs after strollers too - but just to push them :)
glad to know chip is feeling better :)

DotMom said...

Gauri: Thanks!

mnamma: hmmm.. so are you going to :)

Tara: thanks.. i should have aplogized profusely to wordworth and o henry, for the twist..

Altoid: same pinch to you too :) And yes, loudoun rocks.

something to say: thanks!

timepass said...

LoL on "aie, chip baby boy pahijey". I can visualise how cutely he would have said it..

Swati said...

Good to know Chip is better. Even Aryan just recovered after a week of viral

Kodi's Mom said...

funny! :) and that qualifies as a quirk, I take it?!