Monday, September 17, 2007

New School, again

Chip starts his first day at the new school today. He woke up crying he did not want to go there. So, not a good start. I am crossing my fingers, toes and whatever else there is to cross. I am stressed (duh). Don't think there will be much blogging done today.


~nm said...

Wishing him all the best!

And I know the anxiety you are going thru..been thru that so many times because if his daycare changes and once when his school was changed.

The way you describe him as a fun-loving happy kid, I'm sure he will gel with other kids soon!

Parul said...

Ooops, I haven't even started thinking about all this for my own little one!

First time here, I LOVE your template!

All the best for Chip's school, maybe he will grow to love it :D

Gauri said...

Here's wishing both Chip and you all the very best.

Hope he settles in soon into the new school.

Good Luck !!

Tharini said...

How did it go?

timepass said...

Hope Chip enjoys his new school. Don't worry he will settle down at the new place in some time. BTW did chip enjoy ganpati?