Monday, December 3, 2007

Purrrfect, no?

Preethi tagged me while ago to do the seven quirky things about myself. Then Sahiti's Mom did. And then it was mnamma But I try to be so purrrfect. I don't have seven quirks. I have only three. And they are here.

The Perfect DotMom


Orchid said...

quite the perfectionist too..if you go all out to come up with a schematic representation of your quirky really who would do that ?? That is your 4th quirk right there...enjoyed it much :0

mnamma said...

How did I forget that - 'Zen of laundry folding' and the powerpoint pics :) You are purrfect!

Preethi said...

lol.. that was too good.. esp the zen of laundry folding!!! You crack me up!

choxbox said...

too good! ROTFL!

Fuzzylogic said...

Zen of laundry takes the cake DM!ROTFL:)

dipali said...

Superb, Dotmom! You really are purrfect:)

DotMom said...

orchid: thanks:)

mnamma: that is in the hallowed echleons already?

preethi: yeah, my mom hates me.

choxbox: thanks!

fuzzy: thanks!

dipali: so are you, so are you :)