Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bag Grab

I love handbags and shoes. Women like me simply have to. There is this theory which states that- “In a closed fashion system, as the mass and volume of an entity falls away from a store mannequin or a runway model, the entity’s attraction to shoes and handbags tends to infinity.” Hello, Fendi. The past long weekend found us in the city of cities, New York.

You know, there is this thing about New York. Well, actually there are a lot of things about New York and in New York and of New York and about New York, but the one that always strikes me is how the New York Woman dresses. Have you seen those little articles in fashion magazines? Wise words from fashionistas that tell you to “match it” or “clash it” (whatever that means). The ones that tell you to unabashedly pair a gold belt with a purple shirtdress and wear nude shoes and acrylic bangles? Or to wear white when one is not supposed to, or wear full skirts with chunky sweaters and a hat. The New York Woman wears it all. Thankfully, not all at the same time. And yet, somehow, manages to look so stylish. Crazy, but stylish.

On that background, I look too much of a suburban mom. I live my life in the rainbow shades of polos, henleys, oxfords and chinos. And I only have myself to blame. A few weeks ago I went to get my hair cut, determined to have a stylish angled bob, but when the scissors hit the hair, I chickened. “Make it a mommy bob.” I told the stylist. Mommy bob? “You know I want to look chic, but mommy chic.” In the end, I got my angled bob, but I have to tell people it’s angled and more importantly chic. My friends admire the angled bobs on other’s heads while I stand right beside them, tapping my foot, pointing to my own do.

I do not, unlike the writers of fashion magazines would like me to, own any gold belts or a purple shirtdresses or acrylic bangles. And the white capri I bought so enthusiastically at the beginning of this summer has salsa stains from when Chip had overturned a bowl of taco-salad bought from a drive-through fast food place. So obviously, having learnt something from that stainful experience, I have avowed not to wear white until Chip goes to college. I cannot wear full skirts and chunky sweaters with a hat. BigGeek will laugh until his eyes pop out and ask me without batting an eyelid if this is what I plan to wear when I take Chip out to trick or treat this Halloween, cautiously avoiding the sensitive issue of my abundant behind.

Determined to be somewhat chic, I decided to get a new handbag. And shoes if I could find them. Over the years I have come to realize, that a handbag or a nice pair of shoes can be the answer to most pressing dilemmas and deepest questions. Life, after all is so much like a handbag. Leave it open and a lipstick is bound to fall out of it sooner or later. In an earnest quest, then, my friend and I walked and walked. Ok, it was only 10 blocks, but it seemed like a long journey. Felt like 20 blocks, if you ask me. At last, we reached the corner of Broadway St. and Canal St. where touts from forgotten African countries tried to sell us luxe knock-offs. Coach? Gucci? Fendi? We were in heaven. I bought two and at that instant, my suburban persona underwent a dramatic transformation. New York Chic was upon me. I was New York Chic and New York chic was me.

Who was I kidding? Who was I kidding? After I got back home, far away from New York, and dangled the bags from my shoulder to my thick middle, I realized that New York Chic and I were far away from being one. Now I looked like a suburban mom trying to be New York Chic. Sigh. On the flip side, that means, I get to go and buy another handbag very soon. And shoes if I can find them.


eve's lungs said...

Hey lady ! You're one smart woman , anyway . Angled bobs and New York chic be damned !
But of course you need no excuse to buy another bag or shoes - that's Ruma mashi's philosophy ,so go ahead and indulge!

rayshma said...

any excuse to buy shoes, eh?

I love Lucy said...

Loved the life and bag/lipstick analogy..:-) How do you do it?
And baby,you don't need any excuse to buy shoes!Just do it!
The only thing that prevents me from buying new shoes is that I don't find too many good ones that attract my attention!

K 3 said...

"have a bag or not, thats the question!" I would rather go for the bag even with my husband screaming from the back that I already have too many! :D

But eh, you got two brand names bags, so in my books you are totally chic

noon said...

Tell me about it - I really now in a mood to look chic - don't know where to begin. I decided to color my hair with a burgundy tint - got some hair color for the first time - put it on per instructions and just when I was barely done, KB woke up from his nap. And I saw it said "permanent hair color", I got a little nervous - what if it looks hideous, what if KG is allergic to this somehow (since she has sensitive skin) - rather than waiting out the time I was supposed to - I just washed it off right away. There goes my attempt at looking chic. But the last hair cut somehow got rave reviews most unexpectedly from friends - but it lasted only a month - now again back to looking like a bush over my head!
May be I should be the one visiting Canal st soon in the hopes of looking cool! :)
Nice post. Loved the lipstick line! :)

Neera said...

he he he ..didn't know this looking chic business happens to us blogging pals together - first ur post, then noonoo's comment ..I 'dared' to get a mighty small fringe in front on the forehead and now with all the hair coming in my eyes and having to look after the daily business of 2 little ones, I put a clip literally on top in the middle of my head :)
Endearing post :)
And noonoo now I know what was it abt u in those amusement park pics - u really looked great :)

Vinita said...

The angled bob stopped looking "angley" (if that was a word )as soon as I came home and took a shower. It did look great in the salon though.

" I cannot wear full skirts and chunky sweaters with a hat. BigGeek will laugh until his eyes pop out and ask me without batting an eyelid if this is what I plan to wear when I take Chip out to trick or treat this Halloween, cautiously avoiding the sensitive issue of my abundant behind."

Hahahha you really make me laugh..I can bet 100% its not as abundant as you make it sound. hehee. And remember skirts look good only on ample behind because they can swirl the way they are supposed to. So go right ahead and wear one.


Usha said...

hahahaha. Wise words these : a handbag or a nice pair of shoes can be the answer to most pressing dilemmas and deepest questions. Life, after all is so much like a handbag. Leave it open and a lipstick is bound to fall out of it sooner or later.
For some time now I have been on a quest to find some answer to some pressing dilemmas and Now I know where to find them. Unfortunately no shoes for me - they are vicious and they bite. Handbags, here I come.

Need I elaborate on how much I loved this post?

Parul said...

I believe a trip this way is in order? If so, pliss to make plans to meet up.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

me too...loved the lipstick analogy :)
And, I SO agree with your views on New Yorkers...Sis-U (lives in NY) and I have such similar tastes, yet what she wears and what I wear are ages apart.
I prolly have the worst shoes anyone can ever own - black/brown/flat! maybe a couple of decent sandals... but terrible shoes! I get cranky if they're not comfy...
(with some credit to me...I did notice and LOVE your new hairstyle)...

Rohini said...

I so want to do the whole bag thing but mostly I can never muster up the energy and time to transfer stuff from one bag to another. So I just use one till it wears out and the move on to the next. Doesn't make for a very co-ordinated look unfortunately ;-(

mayg said...

aw c'mon! all that really matters is that one feel chic at heart let the rest be damned! ;)

Preethi said...

lol.. chic bob, fendi and gucci bags? my head is reeling just from the words.. As I sit here in my pjs, with my unkempt hair gathered up on my head with a band.. the dark circles encompassing my face.. at least you tried!! :)
Hey by the way.. long time no see at my space.. hop in there when you get sometime!

Y said...

nice one dottie :-)

DotThoughts said...

eve's lungs: you flatter me, so :) made my day.

rayshma: there! you caught it :)

I love lucy: you don't have DSW or rack room shoes where you live? Come ehre and we'll go together :)

K3: Same here. I am already dreaming more bags :)

noon: I got highlights too and BG did not talk to me for a day :( So I went and colored my hair again this weekend.

neera: noon's pics? where? mail me, mail me :) laughing at the clip. I have been worse!

vinita: I think they hypnotize you in the salons. your hair just looks better there. sigh. my angled bob is in a sad state now. any lady, you haven't seen my behind. Its huge!

usha: well did you buy one?

parul: absolutely. will mail.

gnd: your sis-u has great style. Love that rose jacket she has. Let's go shoe shopping this weekend, what say? And yes, you did stop your car to come look at my hair. talk about being a good friend :)

ro: don't know if it helps, but I have my credit cards, money in a pocketbook and my nakeup in a small pouch that go inside my hand bag. The other junk that accumulates (mostly reciptes) get shredded everyime I change bags.. so keeps clutter at bay.

mayg: you said it :)

preethi: dark cricles are my bane too :( Hey I have been reading your posts, just not been commenting. you are in my reader!

y: tks!

deepa said...

loved this post but shame on you for fuelling the knock-off biz:-) Run quickly coz I can see the fashion snobs gunning for you!

Howz this story for unchic. I recently walked down 57th St. feeling mighty pleased becoz Imade a rare effort to be well put together and gasp! everybody seemed to be even looking at me. A first if you ask me. A while later M smugly points out that I still have a moustache from the dark choclate icecream I'd a had earlier!

Maggie said...

LOL! I'm working on a complete un-mommy makeover by the time I turn 30. No doubt it will be a spectacular disaster, but it gives me the excuse to pick up new shoes! :-)

Mama - Mia said...


am sure you have your own chic style!!

who needs fashionista's gyaan when you can decide your own look and carry it well!! :D



DotThoughts said...

deepa: lol deepa.. i know who to ask for dough now, eh? :P ROTFL@ your story. OMG. jeez. thankgod your husband told you what's wrong!

maggie: I think it will be a spectacular success :) good luck!

mama-mia: lol. I have my own style, chic or now, that's true :)