Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Toy Blender

There was a tale my grandfather told me when I was very young. About my father. My father was a model child. Very low maintenance. This particular memory that my grandfather often told me while putting me down for a nap in the afternoon was how my father never broke a teacup as a small child. When guests came over, my father would take their empty teacups back to the kitchen. Very slowly. Very carefully. Never dropping a cup. My father would sing lullabies and pat my uncle (his younger brother by three years) down for naps when the said brother was a toddler. He would by vegetables on his way home from school with the few paise my grandmother gave him to buy treats from the school canteen. The joke in the family is that my dad was already 50 when he was born.

Some times I see my father in Chip. For all the tantrums and drama surrounding him, there is this very mature side to him that peeks out now and then. Take this past weekend. I had promised Chip he would get a toy blender (something he had been wanting for a while) if he went to his new class at his pre-school without a whimper. He managed 3 whine free days and so the promise had to be made good. On Friday evening, I picked him from the school and we drove to a toy store. We looked for a toy blender, but there were none. So he settled on an iron instead. Now the iron was much, much cheaper than the toy blender, so in a fit of generosity, I told him to pick something else too. “No.” he said shaking his head. I insisted. Do you want a Spiderman action figure? Another thing he had once asked for. “No” he said. “A baking set?” “No.” “Puzzles?” “We bought one toy. That’s enough for today. I don’t want any more toys. I like my iron.” He said hugging his exact iron replica. He never really demands things. He demands to “do” things but not demand I buy stuff for him. He will ask for something, but he is usually satisfied when I tell him it’s too expensive or that we will wait for a special occasion to buy it. Of course, this could the hubris of a naive toddler’s parent. In a year, I will be writing about His Chipness incessant demands to “buy” stuff. Until then I am smiling.


K 3 said...

I dread the day when my little starts to demand ... nothing yet, but then he is still a baby to understand the logistics, I think!

On another note, can you send Chip over for a play date, hopefully some of his Chipness rubs over my son. :D Even if Chip become His Highness ... he would be one damm cute, remarkable boy! ;)

noon said...

He is a total darling Dottie. Love that boy!

Mona said...

aw, you just know chip's going to grow up to be everyone's fave.

~nm said...

Aww..he sounds like a such an angel of a child! Hugs!

His iron toy and your title reminded me of the blender toy that we had as kids. We actually used to use it to make roohafza or orange squash in it :)

dipali said...

What a darling:)

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Such a cutie pie, he is! Big kisses to him

bird's eye view said...

how sweet of chip. may he stay like this for a long time. something for you at my blog.

NainaAshley said...

How mature! I wish we lived nearby so Apple could hang out with him more.

Anu said...

Awww..what a sweetie..they can stump you with these gems at any moment, especially when you are not prepared for it :-)

Rohini said...

How cool is that. Ayaan has no such reservations... ;-)

Preethi said...

yes you will talk about that soon :) or maybe not if you don't spoil him first!! Cheeky is the only kid I know who can be taken to toysrus and walked out without a single toy in his hand... I just want to go look at toys he says :P But these days he has an ever growing list of his "needs" .. never insists on us buying him that.. but every given occassion producers a list nevertheless!!
I have gone on and on as usual.. Hugs to the adorable Chip

Shobana said...

What an amazing child he is. Naren is very generous is wanting things:) and claiming ownership.

karmickids said...

Just you wait. Love. Just you wait. The brat was the same till around four. Didnt want toys except the few he wanted and threw no tantrums if I said he couldnt get them. And now, he cant get enough of them.
Of course, for your sanity I will pray hard that he never outgrows this.

Maggie said...

Aww Dottie. So sweet.

Preethi said...

Something for you at my blog.. come get it

Anonymous said...

Thats funny about him not wanting anything else. Mine all know to wait for specila occasions before demaning something.

They have now become negoatatiors(sp?). If I dont pee pee pn the bed, can you buy me a Diego toy? Umm no!!

Mama - Mia said...


then you will hav to take a lonegr route to avoid even a sight of toy shop?

maybe not! my brother and me stayed undemanding! maybe you will get lucky too!

His Chipness seems like he will still be as sweet! :)

PG said...

I could imagine your happiness at this. YEs, you should be proud of him. :)
BTW, there is something for you to pick up at my blog!

Monika,Ansh said...

Your son sounds so sweet .
Love your blog.

DotThoughts said...

K3: hahahha.. hope he never becomes demanding!

noon: I will happily exchange him for KG. No refunds, though!

mona: I think this phase is short lived, which is why I must make hay!

~nm: your mom let you? how cool!

dipali: say, he takes after his mother na. :P

gnd: you have seen him in his monster-avataars gnd, so you have a balanced vew iof his chipness' tempraments.

bev: amen to that :)

naina: lol. be careful what you wish for :) you can't change your mind after one playdate :)

anu: excatly!

ro: lol. Chip will be there in a couple of weeks, I am certain of that!

preethi: oh I know he is going to demand stuff.. i am just enjoying this phase while I can :) Cheey is super adorable!

shobana: lol @ your wording!

karmic: So.. I still have 9 more months to go before the moster unleashes :)

maggie :)

asaan: lol@negotiating. Chip negotiates too.. but its like to watch his fav. dvd etc.

mama-mia: I have no doubt :) I hope I stay lucky, but I am prepared if I don't :)

monika: thanks and welcome!

whatsinaname said...

You lucky dame! Touchwood!

choxbox said...

what a sweetie!

choxbox said...

btw here's a hypothetical scenario - if say next week you happen to chance upon said blender, will you buy it for him
a. if he asks for it?
b. if he still doesn't ask for it?

(have been in situation b with my older one).