Monday, September 15, 2008


Before the movie
DotThoughts: So who wants to see Wall-E?
BigGeek: I want to!
Chip ignoring everybody.
DotThoughts: Nobody wants to watch Wall-E? OK, Baba and I are going to the theater ourselves. OK, Baba?
Chip: No, I want to watch Wall-E too!

During the movie – the first 20 minutes
Chip: I want some more popcorn.
DotThoughts: Aren’t you watching the movie?
Chip: I am! Look, that’s a trash truck.

An hour into the movie
Chip: You are just “sharing” the soda, right? You are not finishing it?
DotThoughts: Watch the movie, will you?. See what Eva is doing. What is she doing?

After the move, standing in checkout line at the grocery store.
Chip spots a book with Wall-E on it cover.
Chip: I know who that is.
DotThoughs: Who is that? What is his name?
Chip: Umm.. Umm..
DotThoughts: Dude, we just saw the movie.
Chip: Yes! I liked popcorn and soda. You shared soda with me, right?

Tickets – $25
Popcorn - $7.50
Soda - $5.50
First movie theater experience - Priceless


K 3 said...

So did you "share"? :D

*** ducks off before the soda can hits ***

Mona said...

chip is hilaaaaaaaarious!

Preethi said...

haha lol.. sounds like a scene out of my own life!! I did worse I took Cheeky to see Sivaji.. and when I tried to show him the lovely songs he decided they were down right boring.. When I suggested watching Wall - E.. M said "If you want to why don't you go with one of your friends, I will baby sit!" (rolling of eyes.. better that than endure another movie with the incessant cheeky chatter!!)
So are you sure you shared and did not finish?

rayshma said...

and what a movie to begin with!

btw, u shud share the soda, u know!
*runs off before another hurricane storms her...*

Kodi's Mom said...

lol! he's got his priorities right - popcorn and soda are more important than the movie itself :)

Anu said...

HaHa..he sure has his priorities right :) Madagascar 2 is going to be our first movie experience..

Maggie said...

LOL! He knows his mom all too well, I guess. He had to keep an eye on the soda and popcorn! :-D

But what a great movie, no? I loved it.

Rohini said...

LOL! Nice post!

Our first (and only) movie experience saw Ayaan spending the first half examining the floor-path lights and the second eating platform. The movie was incidental...

PG said...

Ha ha ha! How cute!

Shobana said...

The best part of going to the movie theater is the hot crunchy popcorn (no soda for me...thank you)! Am glad Chip enjoyed the best part.

noon said...

WOw Dottie - The first movie!
And you didn't share, right?! ;)

I still have not taken KB to a movie. We had gone to a friends house and they put "cars" movie on DVD and the three kids sat down to watch... It thought he will really enjoy it since he reads "Cars" books a lot - but he just came to me in 10 min and asked if he could go to the yard and play with their bubble sticks. So that was that. May be in a few months I can take him to a movie..all this is so exciting. The first movie experience etc...enjoyed this post.

Mama - Mia said...


hehe!! you go Chip!! :)

and how did mommy-daddy like Wall-E?!



Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Chip rocks!!
We've been doing the Big Screen stuff only in the last couple of years - after we felt T2's old enough to sit thru...
Forget the kids, I go in for the popcorn meslef ;)

Lucky said...

My name is Lakshmi and I live in southriding VA too. Just wanted to say Hi
I am waiting for sandeepa's approval to join Dezi mom's club
I have 2.4 yrs old daughter

DotThoughts said...

k3- i HAD to. The child just yanked soda out of my hands :)

mona: exchange, now.

preethi: sigh.. the smallest soda they sold was 32 oz. I had to slurp it as fast as I could because I sure wasn't taking him to the bathroom every 15 minutes :)

raysh: i loved the movie :)

kodi's mom: he gets soda 1-2 times a year and he was definately not letting go of it while he had a chance :)

maggie: I loved it too. BG thought it was commie pink propoganda movie.

anu: I wanna see mdgscr2 :(

rohini: let's put the two together with popcorn and watch a real movie ourselves, eh?

shobana: the mouth waters. I am addictied to popcorn.

noon and gnd: i think its a waste at this age. seriously. they don't get the storyline at all.

mama-mia: I loved it:)

lucky: welcome and thanks!

pg: :)

mixedblessings89 said...

Yeah, so did you 'share'?

*ducks for cover*

Did BigGeek go as well? How was his experience?