Friday, June 12, 2009

Comprehensive Geek's Guide to Movies (M-P)

Matrix 1 &2 (1999) IMDB Rating 8.7/10
The movie that shook the geek world. Stunning special effects, plot that would make Escher blush, software rules the world (literally)– ultimate geek paradise. One of my favorite movies that I don’t watch too often in the fear that I might feel I have outgrown it. I liked Matrix 2 more, actually. Loved the whole restaurant scene with doors and the keymaker. All very convoluted. Just like a mobius strip. So many fascinating undercurrents. I want to pretend Matrix 3 never happened. A horrendous movie to boot – the only scene I actually liked was the train scene with Kamala and her father. If you haven’t seen the movie(s), I demand you go and watch it (them) NOW!!.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) IMDB Rating 8.5/10
Geek classic. Cult following. Absurd. The movie, not the following. We have a huge framed poster of the movie hanging on a wall in our family room. Need I say more? Ofcourse I do. Because if I don’t the layout of the post will be all screwed up. So, as I was saying, if you haven’t watched it, it can be safely assumed that you are not a true geek. No, wait, let’s rephrase that, if you haven’t watched it, I will be kind and tell you to go watch it. If you have watched AND you did not like it, you will be booted from the geekdom into, well another dom where they don’t watch Monty Python. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it!

Office Space (1999) IMDB Rating 7.9/10
Programmer – check. Software company - check, Cube dweller-check, Caffeine -check. Annoying boss – everyone make their own assessment here. A hilarious comedy about software engineers and rebellion. A movie software geeks (are there any other kind left these days?) can identify with. Subplot involves hacking activity. This movie is all about the 90s software culture. Start ups, California, bad clothes and goatees.

Pi (1998) IMDB Rating 7.6/10
Ok I thought long and hard if this movie made the cut. BigGeek didn’t think so, I thought it did. Then thought it didn’t, then thought it did again. I spent so much time thinking about this movie that I was a weary, exhausted, worn-out, fatigued deatbeat. So I decide to include it and see how many of you had seen it and what you thought of it. Directed by Darren Arnofsky and shot in a high contrast B/W film stock, this is a low budget film with big budget aspirations. The movie is a story of a mathematician (genius, obviously) who works with number-theory to find patterns in the stock market. If you are a math enthusiast, you will roll your eyes because this movie is the math equivalent of the first chapter of a high school math book. But it is an interesting movie nevertheless for it has some interesting themes going on, despite the clich├ęd representation of a mathematician (early PhD, paranoid, socially awkward, I mean puh-lease). I learnt about a game called “Go” because of this movie. Definitely a worth see.

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Mahendra said...

Loved Matrix, of course!

I had high expectations of Pi when I read the synopsis, and liked the different b/w look, but was overall disappointed. It felt like a good plot opportunity wasted.

Haven't seen Monty Python and Office Space. But then, I've already confessed, haven't I?

B o o said...

Vanilla Sky in geek list? Interesting. Will wait for your take on it. And oh, may I say what a great series of post you have here? Wonderful to read.

Parul said...

I love MP and the Holy Grail. I don't think I have ever laughed that much.

Who says I am a geek?

Munchkin said...

Love Office Space.An all time favorite. Totally relate to it being a computer engineer myself.

The Matrix is ofcourse -awesome. The third part was so bad I almost cried.

DotThoughts said...

Mahendra:yup.. I saw it a long time ago. amde quite an impression then.. but yes.. mathwise it could have done better

Boo: :) thankyou!

Parul: I didn't say nothing :)

DotThoughts said...

munchkin: I hear ya :)

Meluhhan said...

V. nice. I love this series. My only other additions to the entire series would be Blade Runner and Event Horizon (HIGHLY underrated!).

And can I vote in Solaris? Please, please? I know it's your list, but I at least want your opinion on it! :)