Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Russian Sage and Asiatic Lily

A romance movie set in 18th century, a story spanning across the worlds starring Ziyi Zhang and Tom Cruise. Unrequitted love. Long journeys to nowhere. Duty and Passion. But. Pause. Freeze frame. This is what I am really talking about. Showing for a limited time only. And not in your local Regal.

Russian Sage

Asiatic Lily

Special Credits
Blue Bowl: Japanese pottery gift from a good friend (who I think comments here sometimes)

Doily: Blue and white made by hand by the woman who gave birth to me.

Tall vase: An old jug. BigGeek was most annoyed that I used utensils intended for food and drink to showcase the sage.


rayshma said...

aww... me like!! :)

dipali said...

Lovely pictures. The doily is totally awesome:)
I like this fillum:)

Vinita said...

Kitis sundar ghar sajavlays tujha. Hey chote chote photo taaknya peksha ata saglya gharachech taak ani chhansa post pan lihi.

Last post madhe majhach post chukun anon mhanun padla. Kharach to accidents mhanje kahihi ghadla hota

DotThoughts said...

raysh: thanks!!
dipali: my mom's a crochet whiz.
Vinita: I thought it was my Dad! Thanks so much! You don't want to see other parts of the home, trust me ;-)

eve's lungs said...

ooh Dottie picture no 1.

DotThoughts said...

eve's lungs: Gracias!