Monday, June 15, 2009

Comprehensive Geek's Guide to Movies - Final

Star Trek – The First Contact (1996) IMDB Rating 7.6/10
Fans of the Star Trek series will love this movie. This movie (and all other sequels) have snce been overshadowed when JJ Abrams rebooted the whole Star Trek timeline, but this movie is quite enjoyable. The human race builds its very first warp engine and takes it for spin. Ofcourse there is the mandatory time travel and all. If you have seen the new Star Trek and are waiting for its sequel, you might want to see this to kill time until then.

Star Trek (2009) IMDB Rating 8.4/10
The new one. The JJ Abrams one. Very well made, very slick, very enjoyable, very updated – Uhura is not space secretary but Communications Officer, keeping up with times. Almost everyone has seen it, so I am not going to give a complete synopsis here, but will only say this, I did not like what they did to Spock. That’s all.

Total Recall (1990) IMDB Rating 7.4/10
This is a family favorite. Meaning BigGeek and me. My father likes Terminator, I don't think he has seen this one. My father was asking yesterday when this (implied boring) series will come to an end, and yes, to answer his Q., this is the last post (yippee, back to regular programming soon). This movie is an all time favorite. What’s not to like? Alien planets, twisted plot, action – the Governator stars in it. Perfect Friday night movie. Go make some popcorn now! This is the end – or this is the beginning. This is your cue to groan collectively.

Also Rans
Beetle Juice
Blade Runner
I, Robot

I am legend
War Games
Vanilla Sky – This was in my original list, but this movie is more touchy-feely. Interesting movie and one of my favorite ones, but not a geek masterpiece.

Vetoed Out
H2G2 (the book rocks, the movie makes you want to throw rocks)
Star Wars
Matrix 3

Melhhuan recommened Event Horizon. I have heard of it, have not seen it yet. Thanks Melhhuan!


Munchkin said...

The Lord of the Rings? Classic geek stuff. Even an invented language!

No can do?

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Whew!! What a set of posts Dottie. I have to admit, not really a movie geek, more a chick-flick and art-house cinema lover, but some of the movies on your list have made it on my Must-Watch list :)

DotThoughts said...

Munchkin: That's more fantasy, no? I am not a fan of LOTR, though.

M4:I am glad, then ;-)

Meluhhan said...

I, for one, LOVED this series. It's inspired me to go out and indulge in cinematic extravagance. :)

Anand said...

Enjoyed your posts. Shouldn't surprise you, considering you know that I AM a Geek :)

Mama - Mia said...

Phew! read all of em in one go and got a list of many must wwatch movies!

I LOVE Memento, Monty Python (laugh at some stuff as many times as i watch it) and Dr. Strangelove!

but seriously, Dude where's my car?! thats like adding Chetan Bhagat in list of favourites! grrr! i so hated that movie! maybe i should watch it again!

i mean i watched it when i was still watching Govinda movies and occassional English movie!

these ones i so like now have been thanks to M and a buddy! even now i dont "get" them the way they do or maybe you geeks do, but least i can enjoy them! :D

awesome stuff dottie! am forwarding the link to M!



DotThoughts said...

melhuann: Go, Go, Go!

Anand: ofcourse you are :) We should watch one of these movies when you come down next!

abha:Ok, I don't blame you for the dude where is my car movie. Its more wacko than wacko jacko, but there is something about it :)

Mahendra said...

Haven't seen any of the three :-(

Somehow I couldn't outgrow the original Star Trek. Didn't want to risk seeing anything that destroyed its nostalgia. May now look for an opportunity to catch up on these three...thanks!

Vidooshak said...

Wow what a series of posts!! The definitive guide to Friday night rentals-- or downloads. Or buys. Whatever.

Oddly enough, your also-rans rank much higher on my geek-list. Memento? War Games? And how could Brazil not make it, when 12 Monkeys did? That is the ONE film I keep going back to. And the Big Lebowski? Jackie Brown?

Oooooh.... you've started me on a drool trip here. I am sure our lists need not match, but the compilation rocks.

Please do the world a favor and recreate this post as a Listmania entry on Amazon. It will be nice.

DotThoughts said...

Mahendra: Me too. But, I still love the original. The movie is nice,actually.

Vidooshak: BigGeek and I had a bit of a discussion about Memento and Brazil. We both love the movies, but in the end, they deal about social aspect than than tech wizadry, I thought. The list is by no means definitive. Just a starting point for left-brained adventurers :) Big Lebowski, like Caddy Shack, I feel are a very "guy" movies. BigGeek literally rolls on the floor laughing while watching them. I actually liked Big Lebowski. Caddy Shack, I enevr got into it. Never heard of Jacike Brown! Thanks fot the suggestion! Shall watch it now.

wordjunkie said...

Hi, ambled over from MiM's blog. Glad to see Brazil and 12 Monkeys made the list.

Was a bit surprised by 'Dude..' also :)

Did you consider 'Zathura'and 'Tremors'?

DotThoughts said...

wordjunkie: hello! Haven;t heard of 'Zathura'and 'Tremors'. I will check them out! Thanks for the recommendations.