Monday, June 8, 2009

Comprehensive Geek's Guide to Movies (A-B)

Aeon Flux (2005) IMDB Rating 5.5/10.
Frankly, this movie deserves a better rating and the world needs more geeks. I totally enjoyed the movie. It starts out as a futuristic action movie, but ends on a very interesting note about birth and such. I don’t want to give away more because there is a nice suspense here and any more detail would be nothing short of spoilers. All I say is that if you are looking for a good Friday night movie, and have exhausted everything else on your list, watch this. You won’t be disappointed.

Apollo 13 (1995) 7.5/10
Ok, by now, I have stopped taking IMDB ratings seriously. Because, in my books, this movies rates a 9 or more. Based on a true story of the third manned mission to the moon by NASA in 1970, it was termed as a “successful failure”. There was an onboard explosion in one of the service modules of the craft, but the crew with their ingenuity and sheer bravery, managed to reach back safely to earth. This movie was a reminder about the perils of space exploration – we are ages away from Star Trek like ships, but I would like to think we are getting there. It is in part because of astronauts like Lovell, Swigert and Haize, science continues its climb. A must, must see.

Back to the future (1985) IMDB Rating 8.5/10
One of the best sci-fi comedies. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, it has time travel, time travel contraptions and funny paradoxes. The movie has cult following. The original movie ahs two sequels, out of which the second one is a bit weak with Marty’s family problems knocking down the otherwise feel-good factorof the movies.

Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure (1989) IMDB Rating 6.7/10
This movie, if you haven’t seen it is an undiscovered comedy, sci-fi treasure. Oh, I am so jealous of you now. Two ridiculously dopey high school students (one of them is, yes, Keanu Reeves) travel in time to complete a history report. Directed by Stephen Herek, this sci-fi laugh out loud, absurdity will have you clutching you stomach as you writhe in mirth. That funny. The sequel (Bill and Ted’s bogus journey) is awesome too, albeit not as light hearted as the first movie. Party on, dudes.

Buckaroo Banzai and his adventures across the 8th dimension. (1984) IMDB Rating 6.0/10
What the hell is wrong with IMDB? 6.0? Where are the geeks who will appreciate this completely madcap, absurd gem? Buckaroo is a physicist/neuro-surgeon/black belt kungfoo master/world class rock musician and more. He finds a way to go through solid matter (based on the assumption that matter is 80% space). He does, but finds that the 80% space is actually another dimension. This is one crazy awesome movie. Lotsa inside jokes which you will get if you are a true fan of sci-fi. Great lines. Absurd. I mean a character in the movie is called New Jersey and several others are called BigBoote. Not for a wanna be geek. Such wackiness is reserved for the true-blue-nerd.

Next week C-G: Contact, Dr.Strangelove, Dude where is my car, The fifth element, Gattaca.


rayshma said...

reading this... and nodding along is making me feel SO much geekier! :)

Mom Gone Mad said...

I LOVED Apollo 13! Totally agree with you that it never gets enough cred.

That said, I droolingly await Gattaca - one of the many movies that united me and the Viking;-)

Themes in that movie were awesomeness.

Mahendra said...

Only seen Apollo 13 and BTTF. Others are completely new to me, which I think, is going to be true for most of your list!

aie said...

all sci-fi movies, so i do not think i will watch these.

Anonymous said...


Awesome series dottie...
Can you please do a bollywood one after this ?? :).. that will be sooo tough.

Meluhhan said...

I only watched 3 of those. If the high priests of geekiness find out, I'll lose my supercomputer and coffee rights. :(

*hangs head in shame and slinks off silently*

DotThoughts said...

raysh: lol!

MGM: amazing movie. Gattaca.

Mahendra: Don;t know how geeky you are, but totally watch the rest.

aie: come, on Aie!

ailentone: bollywood????? hmm. I ahven't seen a bollywood movie in ages. We wonly watch movies like these:(

Melhuann: Dude, you are lucky. you get to watch awesome movies now, see? 3 is a good score. Where is that priestess, show me to her.

Maganian said...

How about using Rotten Tomatoes or Yahoo! Movies ratings? They tend to be more accurate. Just a thought.

P.S.: Gattaca is the greatest movie ever. Period.

DotThoughts said...

Maganian: now there's a thought!

Maganian said...

Thanks for acknowledging my thought. And no thanks for not acting on it.