Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BigGeek and DotMom - The Movie

The wonderful noon after having written a beautiful recount of her own engagement has tagged me to do the same. So here goes. It's a movie, mind y'all.

1. EXT. Opening Montage. Opening credits roll in unobtrusive plain text bottom right of screen.

YetToBeDotMom at her University. Its autumn. Windy. General shots of campus, students. YetToBeDotMom walking to her class, sitting in class, chatting with classmates, walking home late in the evening to her crummy apartment, cooking for herself and settling down with her pile of reading. The camera pans across the room, boxes and crates are half packed with apartment stuff.

YetToBeDotMom Voice Over
It all began in my 26th year of single hood. It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I had packed most of my stuff to go to India for an almost 2 month long break and to write my comprehensive exams. In a week I would be gone to a warmer place, my stuff stashed with a friend. It was then the phone rang. I knew who it was even before I picked it. It was my aunt from Connecticut. Again. Asking me if I had called a certain gentleman.

(on phone) No, I haven’t.
Listens to what her aunt is saying biting her fingernail.

What am I going to say to him?

Listens again.

You are in a book club with his aunt? How many pages left?


No, I really can’t call him. (pauses). God! You can’t do that. No! Can you? God!

Sound of dial tone. Phone goes dead. YetToBeDotMom puts on Dire Straits and goes back to her packing.

2. INT. YetToBeDotMom‘s bed room – EVENING
Caption on screen says- ‘30 minutes later’. YetToBeDotMom is sitting on her bed rigidly, phone in hand.


Over the phone friendly FEMALE voice
Hi is that YetToBeDotMom? Hi! I am Mrs. Nice Scientist. Your aunt gave me your number.

Oh! Hi!

Mrs. Nice Scientist
Well, I just wanted to call you and chat with you and tell you a little about the Nice Family.

(fake laugh) Oh! I was meaning to call, but was insanely busy.. I am going to India next week, am taking my exams early, subletting my apartment… just so much to do…Sorry you had to call.


YetToBeDotMom Voice Over
I wasn’t sorry at all, truth be told. I was just being polite. Why was she calling me? Thank god I was going to India in a week.

Mrs. Nice Scientist
God! I can believe how busy you must be, hope your exams went well.

YetToBeDotMom Voice Over
Why does she have to be so nice? It just makes things soooo much difficult.

They did, they did. I am glad I am done with them though. Still have to do my comprehensive exams. I plan to write those from India.

Mrs. Nice Scientist
You have to write comps? God! They can be tough. I remember mine. Good luck. Well I don’t know how much your aunt has told you about the Nice family and about my nephew BigGeek.

Not very much.

What did I just say? Gosh.

Mrs. Nice Scientist
Well the Nice family is very large and very smart. Well traveled. Cultured. My eldest brother in law, BigGeek’s eldest uncle is a biophysicist, another uncle is also a scientist and worked on the Pokhran Blasts, my husband is a Chemist with a post doc from UConn and I research gene therapies. A lot of the family holds many patents too. So, not to brag or anything, just wanted to share our accomplishments.

Very impressive indeed.

Very impressive indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs.Nice Scientist
But, silly me. I am doing all the talking. Let me get BigGeek. He and my other nephews are visiting for Thanksgiving.

Oh! I’d hate to intrude upon a family gathering.

I really don’t want to talk to some dumb schmuck no matter how nice his aunt sounds.

Mrs. Nice Scientist
Oh, nonsense. They are just chatting. Let me get him.

Silence. More Silence.

The schmuck does not want to talk to me? This is soooo embarrassing. Maybe they have a mansion where it takes for ever to walk from one room to the next. Maybe he is in the bathroom. Oooh. That would be awkward.

Nice Male voice on the phone
Hi! This is BigGeek


Sue said...

The good thing is, like in the movies, you know things are going to turn out all right. That DotMom is going to marry BigGeek and produce a Chiplet and all will be well.

That is extremely reassuring when stories are told in serial fashion, let me tell you!

Sahithi's Mom... said...

sooo agree with sue :):):)

Can't wait for part II...

Suki said...

This is shaping up to be an excellent movie... although drowned-in-Elizabethan-drama me is thinking of a stage production! :P

Can't wait for Act II! ;)

Trishna said...

ohh Gosh! hurry up dot mom!!Cant wait for Act II.
Very nice read BTW!

Trishna said...

Boo Hoo I am sad..I dont see my blog on your list..:P hehe kidding..:) I know u love me!

noon said...

Oh wow - dotmom - this is awesome! Looking forward to part II and hope it is a long one!
Yeah it is nice to know that it is a happy ending story! :)

Parul said...

Boy, I am hooked. Stories with hot geeks always get me...like Love Story and all, y'know...backdrop of Harvard and the works.

DotMom...*starts whining*...when will you put up the second (and final, please let it be final, ya?) part? When? When? When?

Tonight? Oh, good!

Usha said...

Like the others said, some stories are exciting even when you know how it all shaped up in due course... waiting for the concluding part.

Poppins said...

Awesome ! Super. I like the narrative and the suspense. What did Big Geek say? How did he win over YetToBeDotMom?

Nice. * Obsessively clicking on F5 to refresh the blog for part II *

Squiggles Mom said...

You CANNOT do this. Leave a story unfinished. How CRUEL is that???
I have a good mind to take back that award that I've just given you.
Please complete it soon.... Plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
And yes, come get your award :)

Anitha said...

Wonderfully written DotMom. It is like listening to a story. I cannot stand the suspense. Please write part 2 soon.

DotMom said...

sue sue sue: there is a twist, there is a twist:)

sahiti's mom: gosh. was thinkin of doing a trilogy in four parts.

suki: that would be fun.. i am a sucker for period dramas.

trishna: don't change the channel (this is staright to television movie)
and you are in my reader sweetie. but yes, I'll update my links today too :)

noon: there is a whole season worth of installments :)

parul: good. now hopefully I can get sponsors?

usha: be careful what you wish for. you are getting tagged for this :)

poppins: wait wait.. I still have to make that oart up (only joking)

squiggles mom: hehehehehehehe. it my sweet revenge when they do it to me on TV. award, again? wow. (gushing) thanks.

anitha: not so soon :) suspense kills, doesn't it?

Kodi's Mom said...

trilogy in four parts? I don't think so, DM! part 2, part 2, we want part 2! and hurry up! .....please? :)

ps: BigGeek's family credentials are truly impressive. is that why he's called BigGeek?

DotMom said...

kodi's mom: lol. you don't like douglas adams? no?
his family is quite impressive indeed. there are 5-6 patents awarded to various members of the family by the USPTO. BigGeek is also waiting on a patent.

Mahendra said...

Impatiently waiting for Part II. :-)

ddmom said...

Part II, Part II.. I am getting the my-head-is-bursting feeling. Pl. pl. hurry up.