Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pay it forward

So, in all my excitement yesterday, I forgot to pass on noon's engagement stories tag. Noon has tagged a lot of you so I am going to tag the remainder. And I will give you the third degree if you do not comply and tell us all your engagement stories. We all love mush. So here goes.

Cee Kay
Utbt - no, you cannot escape. I saw your comment on kodi's mom's blog.
Moppet's mom
Just Like That



utbtkids said...

What???? Tagged? After having explictly declared the lack of romance in the wedding process? No fair this is rubbing salt and chilli powder on my wounds. Don't mean to be rude, I am requesting to be excused from this tag. Its not like I am hiding something, there is absolutely no material to go on.

DotMom said...

utbtkids: ok. :( Don't want to rub vhilli powder and salt. maybe write about your mushiest moment ever? yes? please?

GettingThereNow said...


Oh well - there IS an enxhibitionist somewhere inside of me who would love to do this :P

Moppet's Mom said...

Hey, I've already done this one a long time ago. I stuck to the brief and it's just the story of the engagement. It's here.

Pixie said...

How cute is your story! Loved both parts!!
Hope Big Geek is doing better now...

DotMom said...

gettingtherenow: yay!

moppet's mom: Nice, but short.How did you meet him?

pixie: Why, thanks:) loved yours too!

utbtkids said...

Ooookkkaaayyy, will do. But the things I consider mushy, may not have any bookish romantic value assciated with it.

DotMom said...

utbtkids: thanks thanks thanks.
what does bookish romantic value mean :) how can it be mushy and not romantic :D

upsilamba said...


I am your new visitor, Upsi. Greetings!

Came over from Kodi's mom's blog. And what do I see! Phewww!! Bah.

You Juliets are making me see green all over with all these posts. Aaaarrrghhhh!
UTBT: Now it all makes sense. I wasn't sure whether you were in the sulk club or not, when you mentioned about 'mushiest moment'. Now I know.

choxbox said...

dotmom, am totally swamped with all sorts of things - preparing for a relocation which will possibly materialise within a very short time.
our story is loong - will probably require a TV serial, movie wont do justice :) and cutting it short will also need time. so will take the tag up but not sure when.
meanwhile am i allowed to pass it on?

DotMom said...

upsi: hello, you. thanks for visiting! I read your blog!

choxbox: i love tv serials. so make it that :) pass it on when you take it up!! it will rekindle the fire!

choxbox said...

done, though massively compressed and having left out a whole lot of twists.

Parul said...

Done...I am such a good sport I just amaze myself :D

Orchid said...

I blog rolled you, hope that's alright ?

Itchingtowrite said...


utbtkids said...

Hey, can you send me your email ID? I will not spam you, pinkie swear.

DotMom said...

choxbox: thanks for taking up the tag

parul: thanks,, just read it.. wonderfully written

orchid: yeah? never knew you needed permission to blogroll a blog :) Speaks a lot about my netiquette.

itn: thnkas will peek at it now..

utbt: todotmom at gmail dot com

Just Like That said...

shall take it up soon, once I finish with the mountain of earlier tags :-)