Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our Song

Family Room 9:30 pm or so.
The room is painted in a deep wine red. Watercolors of a Parisian streetscape fill the wall on right, a huge poster of Monty Python fills the left. A black couch sits in front of the TV, a futon mattress with zillion cushions is spread under the Parisian streetscape. The TV is tuned to a music channel playing Red Hot Chilli Peppers. DotMom and BigGeek are watching TV, Chip is fast asleep besides them. BigGeek’s mother is sitting by Chip’s side, watching the shirtless guitarists on TV.

DotMom (suddenly remembering): What’s our song?
BigGeek: What song?
DotMom: What’s our song?
BigGeek: For what?
DotMom: What’s our song?
BigGeek: Who wants to know?
DotMom: What’s our song?
BigGeek: Depends on the time and place.
DotMom: What’s our song?
BigGeek: Depends on the mood too.
DotMom: What’s our song?
BigGeek: Paradigm Shift
DotMom (pauses): Why do you think Paradigm Shift is our song?
BigGeek: Because it has no lyrics
DotMom: Why did you pick a song with no lyrics as our song?
BigGeek: I made it up (turns to his mother) Not the song, the song is real, I made it up that it is our song.
DotMom: Why did you make it up?
BigGeek: Because you like it, I like it and it has no lyrics. And we listen to many songs.
DotMom:Out of the many songs we listen to, what is our song?
BigGeek: Paradigm Shift.
DotMom: OK.

DotMom and BigGeek go back to watching TV. Chip's poor grandmother has no idea what just happened. So enjoy Paradigm Shift.

Edited to add: Thus ends Kiran's Tag here


I love Lucy said...

That was hilarious!!

Although I would like to know BG's rationale behind choosing a song with no lyrics!!

Sue said...


BigGeek is one hoopy frood.

Orchid said...

haha...first time here and that was a nice enough introduction!
and y'know what that could very well be a scene from my living room!

Timepass said...

pls pick up ur award from my blog!!

Itchingtowrite said...

ha ha... song with no lyrics.. and thanks for doing the tag (in advance ;)) ...

Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! You know he's just scamming you about coming up with it off the top of his head, right? It's too perfect for that to be true.

My theory is that he's always thought of it as your song but of course, he'd probably rather wear a bright pink shirt than admit that :-D

It's a very cool song.

Vanditha said...

good post and good blog. Really liked the design of it! Very soothing

Squiggles Mom said...

He's winding you up :)). I like that *grin*

Parul said...

good thinking, eh? wonder what our song is - Bhaj Govindam meets Enter Sandman?

DotMom said...

i love lucy: me too me too

sue: don't you sleep? :P

orchid: thanks so much for stopping by, do visit again.

timepass: OMG. Really? thanksooo much. hugs.

itn: thanks to you!

moppet's mom: you are on bright bulb. me never thought so. hmmm. now i have something to torture BigGeek over the weekend. And as for actually listening the song and liking it, you are now my bff.

vanditha: thanks vanditha.

squiggles mom: he is? you think? gosh. silly me.

parul: ROTFL.

Poppins said...

Oh I've been wanting and wanting to leave a message for you. What a nice post to leave it for ! You're all so funny (good way good way).

Will be back for more. Yum.

DotMom said...

poppins: thanks.. didn't know you were a reader! visit your blog often too.