Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Dream tag

Many moons ago, DDMom tagged me to do list of my dreams (she, I think meant the variety you have when you are asleep, not the I-dream-of-being-very-rich-and-very-thin type). With circumstances being what they were in the Kingdom of DotMom, this tag slipped from her mind, but was caught just in time before it was forgotten in the unknown abyss of her dusty, cobwebby brain. So. I am not much of a dreamer. There were complex, vivid dreams in hi-def resolution and color when I was pregnant, but since then I don’t think I have fallen into whatever stage of sleep (REM, alpha, gamma and all that dull nomenclature) one needs to dream. Or maybe it’s my hormones. Who is to know? So I am going to narrate two of my dreams – one my oldest, the prophetic sort and the other one from 2 days ago. I will also provide, for your entertainment only, since you have been awesomely great readers and such, an interpretation of the dream a la dream interpretation sites* that have slightly more sophisticated algorithms than say, fortune cookies.

Dream 1 – The oracle appears to the DotMom
DotMom is not married. She is still a student, living in sin with BigGeek, mooching off of his princely salary. When one night a dream comes upon her. An adorable boy-child of 3 or 4 who looks a little like DotMom’s father, a little like her brother and a little like BigGeek stands on a footstool in a small bathroom. The boy is twisting and struggling, screaming and yelping, but BigGeek holds him still. In his other hand BigGeek carries a small toothbrush, brushing the boy’s teeth vigorously. DotMom enters – “Stop, stop his gums will bleed, his gums will bleed.” BigGeek strengthens his hold on the little boy and replies – “If I don’t, his teeth will fall, his teeth will fall.”

Six years later, this dream comes true.

What the Dream Interpreter thinks: Dreaming of Children shows DotMom’s innocence and her longing to look at life as a child and seeking to develop her self in new ways. The fact that she dreams of having a child with a man she is not yet married to is indicative of the guilt she feels about having him support her and denotes a desire to repay his kindness.

What DotMom thinks: She is mighty glad the dream came true.

Dream 2 – I dreamt this?
DotMom is married and has a kid whose father brushes his teeth with the same gentleness as a carpenter saws his wood. Her life is now devoid of dreams simply because her life is devoid of sleep. But suddenly one night, she dreams. Of being in India and being accosted out of the blue by a petite woman in a silk saree and a sleeveless blouse. DotMom knows this woman is a pediatrician. “Your child is malnourished” she says to DotMom. “Really? He is such a good eater though. Will eat a horse if that’s what is for dinner.” DotMom tells her. “I don’t think so.” Gosh. This pediatrician is adamant. DotMom, even in her dreams has decided that this does not merit a response, verbal in any case, so she raises an eyebrow slightly - a trick that always gains her the desired respect – with Chip at least. “He doesn’t eat enough carbohydrates.” He pediatricians proclaims smugly. DotMom is now slightly flustered. She looks at the meaty Chip and thinks there really is no way anyone can tell that. But secretly, she knows that Chip is the ultimate Atkins guy. He h-a-t-e-s carbs. “How can you tell” she shrieks at the maybe-she-is-a-wiccan-cum-quack-pediatrician. “Look at his ankles” she proclaims. “They are thin. Thin ankles mean he is not getting enough carbohydrates.”

What the dream interpreter thinks: Dreaming of ankles denotes support and direction. A friend is trying to help DotMom secretly. Difficulties followed by success. Dreaming of a doctor is indicative of mastery over many things and dreaming of children indicates a new beginning.

What DoMom thinks: They know Chip won’t eat carbs and are coming for us.

* http://petrix.com/dreams/

I think almost everybody has done this tag. Passing this tag to the new mom blog by Shobana. Also Gauri, MadMomma, Noon tell me your dreams. And yes, do ignore if you have been there done it.


the mad momma said...

oh i am terribly sorry.. have neither been there nor done that... though i have been tagged with this before.. i just have one problem - i dont recall my dreams. none at all. so will be forced to skip. terribly sorry... my hands are tied :(

Shobana said...

Thanks Dotmom....Tharini tagged me for this and I did it already..sorry! Next time...I will take ur tag first.


noon said...

Enjoyed your interpretations! Glad tooth brush dream came true for you...
I will try to make a note of my dreams - I usually remember them in the mornings and then forget it! :)
And really - he hates carbs?! What is his fav food?

rbdans said...

chip hates carbs? It might sound tough now, but its going to help in the long run. can I send my 3 yr old to have a little chit-chat with him?

utbtkids said...

First of all, that was a cute dream - father brushing the child's teeth. Secondly, Chip still let his dad brush his teeth?!

Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! Have I told you I think you rock? Come and get your award!

DotMom said...

the mad momma: that's ok. will avenge this :)

shobana: yikes. poor me.

noon: do that. Chip loves veggies and fruit and chicken and fish and dairy.

rdbans: not with his father genes for heart health. complex carbs are really essential.

utbt: Chip is only two.. he doesn't want anybody to brush his teeth, but he does a terrible job

moppet's mom: thanks (bows, no curtsies)

Squiggles Mom said...

Dreams do come true after all. I liked the way you wrote about it.